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Her World Singapore July 2015 X Agnes B 55th Birthday Exclusive

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you would know that I went for an impromptu 3D2N trip to Singapore over the weekend with an ex-colleague. It was not planned at all. She asked me if I want to go, I said yes, I booked the flight, booked a place to stay and off we go. I’m a perfectionist so if I sit down and plan my trip, most probably I won’t end up going so impromptu works best for me. Told y’all I’m very random 😀

Since it wasn’t anywhere far and it was impromptu, it’s a trip just to go there and do nothing. But in my mind there is only a few things or places I want to check out in Singapore – to check out Watsons and Guardian, Kinokuniya, Sephora, Lush and Ladurée is time permits. In the end I forget about Sephora, Lush and Ladurée. I ended up only checking out Sephora ION, Watsons and Guardian. Towards the end of day 2, I walked pass a huge magazine stall at the corner of Holland Village while on the way home via MRT and my friend stopped me to check out Her World Singapore July 2015 X Agnes B 55th Birthday Exclusive magazine (S$7). I didn’t even spot the freebies at the back and my friend spot it! We both ended up with a copy and this is what I got.

Her World Singapore July 2015 Agnes B

Her World Singapore July 2015 X Agnes B 55th Birthday Exclusive magazine issue comes with a designer pouch. In total there are three designs to choose from. My eyes are on the star pouch since the beginning as I love anything star but I was also attracted to the big polka rounds. Turns out that copy was almost sold out and the magazine stall owner managed to find a copy for us. I let my friend get that instead because I still insist on wanting the star pouch, although I have an urge to get both copies 😛

Her World Singapore July 2015 Agnes B Other Designs Available
I found out that the pouches doesn’t comes in the same material. The big star pouch are made from thick canvas on the outside with canvas lining on the inside, while the big polka rounds are made from glossy plastic material. My friend actually like mine more and I’m glad I got this instead too. This star design was also low on stock. I couldn’t find this or the polka rounds copies at the airport or anywhere else.

What I like about this pouch is the fact that it is huge and thick so it can be used as a clutch bag and there are NO Her World tag or name printed on the outside of the pouch. It is only on the inside of the pouch, which is fine for me as long as it’s not on the outside.

Her World Singapore July 2015 Agnes B Pouch Front

Her World Singapore July 2015 Agnes B Pouch Back
Since it is the 55th birthday exclusive edition, the magazine itself is thick, heavy and there are also a bunch of samples in the magazine as well. I like that the magazine also comes with a sample kit of Lactacyd. There’s one for everything. Not looking forward to the sachets but I’m intrigued with the wipes. There is also a sachet tube of Sunsilk Co-Creations Smooth & Manageable Instant Smoothening Cream. It’s the same sample we used to get here in Malaysia from our local magazine.

Her World Singapore July 2015 Agnes B Lactacyd Sunsilk
So for a S$7, I say the magazine is worth to get. That is if you are earning Singapore Dollar and spend in the same currency lol. The exchange rate when I was there was S$1=RM2.80. That means this magazine cost me RM19.60. Not too bad. Some told me it’s not worth it. For me it is still alright since I have the habit of buying / collecting magazine supplements.


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  • TBH I miss your magazine freebies update. Do update us when you spot any goodies. In Malaysia of course 😛

    • Nothing interesting lately dear. So boring. Waiting for the good stuff to emerge 🙂


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