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H&M Makeup Brushes Now Available At All H&M Stores!

If you’re into makeup brushes like me, oh well, I like everything actually *lol*, then you’ll love this bit of news. H&M Malaysia recently brought in a wide varieties of makeup brushes and it is available at all H&M stores in Malaysia (according to Sunway Pyramid store) 🙂

H&M Makeup Brushes
I first saw these makeup brushes at H&M IOI City Mall but I was too tired after an event and I wasn’t in the mood to take photos. However I did post up a sneak peek on my Instagram so do stalk me on Instagram as that is where I post up EVERYTHING first. Two days later, I went to H&M store in Sunway Pyramid to sneakily take some photos so let me warn you first that all the photos in this post are absolutely crappy as the brushes are “strategically” placed facing the cashier counter. I need to take the photos secretly and I really hate being sneaky with photographs. So yes, really crappy photos ahead.

Now, I have no idea what are the names for these H&M makeup brushes as nothing came out from Google and oversea actually got a better Rose Gold range than ours. Meh! There are two different types and range therefore I’m just going to name these the Black range and the White range.


H&M Makeup Brushes – The Black Range

All of the brushes are packed in a tight ziplock packaging. I have to give credit to H&M on this for hygiene purposes as I notice some people like to take the brushes and run it over the face that are with makeup. Ewwww!! Initially I didn’t want to open up to feel the bristle but for the purpose of this post, I have to sneakily took one out and feel the bristle. I concluded that the Black range, which does look more classy and price wise are also a little bit higher does indeed has softer bristles. However, I feel that the cheap and light wooden handle are too light for the hand and it feels cheap.

H&M Makeup Brushes Black Range
I also didn’t plan to show each and every brushes available as it’s really a lot to “sneakily” take photo of, but I did it anyway. Here’s all the brushes available under the Black range.

H&M Makeup Brushes Black Range 1
Angled Defining Brush – RM24.90, Straight Defining Brush – RM24.90


H&M Makeup Brushes Black Range 2
Crease Blending Brush – RM24.90, Eye Colour Applicator – RM24.90


H&M Makeup Brushes Black Range 3
Small Shading Brush, Medium Shading Brush, Large Shading Brush – each RM24.90


H&M Makeup Brushes Black Range 4
Precision Lash Curler – RM39.90, Plush Kabuki Brush – RM49.90


H&M Makeup Brushes Black Range 5
Precision Lip Brush – RM24.90, Flat Foundation Brush – RM39.90


H&M Makeup Brushes Black Range 6
Angled Buffer Brush – RM39.90, Angled Blusher Brush – RM39.90


H&M Makeup Brushes Black Range 7
Plush Powder Brush – RM49.90


H&M Makeup Brushes – The White Range

The White range on the other hand has a totally different set of brushes than the Black range. It’s good that H&M choose not to do the exact same brushes for both range otherwise we will have a major headache!

The brushes in this White range has stiffer and plasticky bristles. However I love the white plastic handle as it feels heavier on the hand compared to the Black Range. The White range also has more dual-ended brushes so you save more 😀 . The price range for these are also a few ringgit lower.

H&M Makeup Brushes White Range
I know I said the White range has most dual-ended brushes but I have to hide while taking photo so I am not able to take photo of the whole brush unfortunately. So you have to bear with the one sided brush photos okay?

H&M Makeup Brushes White Range 1
Round and Pointed Applicator – RM12.90, Eyeliner and Eye Colour Brush – RM24.90


H&M Makeup Brushes White Range 2
Eye Colour Brush – RM24.90, Brow and Lash Brush – RM12.90


H&M Makeup Brushes White Range 3
Foundation and Concealer Brush – RM24.90, Powder and Foundation Brush – RM24.90


H&M Makeup Brushes White Range 4
Buffer and Blusher Brush – RM29.90


H&M Makeup Brushes White Range 5
Powder Brush – RM29.90, Kabuki Brush – RM24.90


H&M Makeup Brushes White Range 6
Lash Curler – RM14.90

As you can see, the White range indeed are so much cheaper than the Black range especially that the price you paid are for a dual-ended brush. I do get questions like which range to go for if so. Well, it really depends on what type of brushes that you’re looking for as both range has different sets of brushes. As for me, I would like to bag all home but I can’t. I bought the Brow And Lash Brush from the White range as I’ve been searching high and low for a cheaper dupe for the Tarte one I have and I also bought one Large Shading Brush from the Black range just to try. I actually like the H&M Brow And Lash Brush more than my Tarte and the Large Shading Brush is a bit meh. It doesn’t pick up eyeshadow and I have to keep running the brush over the eyeshadow pan several time. I’m intrigued to get a few dual-ended brushes from the White range as they are so cheap. Maybe next time as I don’t need them at the moment.


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  • Fiona!! Y U DO THIS TO ME T___T
    Now I want to rush to H&M to sapu some of these brushes before they kena sapu-ed by other people hahahahaa *kiasu max*
    Thank you for the spy shots and prices <3

    • Hahahaha!! Because I love you! Even if I don’t blog about it you will still see it on my Instagram 😀
      It’s quite cheap especially the dual-ended brush – RM24.90! I think I’m going back for one of the brush, which I took and put back hehe.
      No problem with the spy shots and prices 😉 . If I managed to take new shots I’ll replace the photos with a better one.

      • Haha yeah I’m eyeing the dual-ended brushes, although I might pick up one of the black ones too. (How do you store double-ended brushes anyway? I just anyhow put into a stand, like pencils, but you can’t do that with double-ended ones…. @@)
        Now I know what I’ll be buying when payday comes end of this month lol

        • So far I only have one dual-ended brush and I put them like normal since it’s only a spoolie and an angled brush. For normal brushes, I think you have to lie them down in a basket haha. No need to wait for pay day also can buy hehe 🙂

  • WOW. I didn’t know H&M has makeup brushes! I would go for the White Range for the duo ended brush. Thank you for this update Fiona.

    • Eh? You should know if you’re following me on Instagram haha!
      Now you know 😉

  • OMG! I can’t thank you enough for this post!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re welcome 🙂 . Go crazy!

      • I’m about to get cross-eyed here, in the two H&Ms, in Penang!!!

        • There’s 2 in Penang? I only went to one – Gurney Paragon 😀

          • Oh yes, there are! The other one is in 1st Avenue mall.

          • Ahhh okay. Can’t wait to hear from you which brushes you bought 🙂

  • These brushes don’t make the cut for me.
    I did buy the spoolie brush from the white range and it’s usable but nothing to write home about but at 12.90 I can’t complain too much, right?. I have to say I prefer the free brushes that come with my BECCA and theBalm palettes to these H&M brushes.
    I was expecting them to bring in the Rose Gold range which apparently is better in quality and look better too but the lot I am seeing here isn’t very impressive. I’m sure they work but aren’t great and to pay a little bit more, I think I can get significantly better quality from another dedicated brush brand. Sorry for being the brush snob that I am.

    • Don’t need to apologize as everyone’s opinion are different and just as valuable 🙂 . They are not the best, I agree. Would suits beginner or someone on budget or even for someone who like to hoard brush (like me). I actualy like the spoolie brush haha. The angled brush actually grab my brow gel better than my Tarte one. Basically I need lots of spoolie brush for some reason lol. Free brushes from palettes are in superb quality nowadays unlike those days 🙂
      I hope H&M Malaysia would bring in the Rose Gold range. It would be the cheaper version of Zoeva!


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