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Lifestyle Sunday: Chatime launches limited-time offerings of Pearl Thai Milk Tea & Coconut Top Thai in conjunction with Thai Tea Festival and introducing the new Thirstea Ringgit

Chatime Thai Tea Festival Media Launch
I’m sure when Chatime started off in Malaysia 5 years ago, you and I are one of the many that would queue for a very long time just to get the bubble tea fix. I was obsessed. I have tried a few different flavours but I am a classic Pearl Milk Tea drinker so I always find myself going back to the good ol’ Pearl Milk Tea 😀

Last week Chatime Malaysia, unveiled their latest new drinks offerings in celebration of the rich and robust culture of tea all over the world. Pearl Thai Milk Tea and Coconut Top Thai Milk Tea are both inspired by the rich history of the famous Thai Milk Tea. Thai Tea Fest will be available tomorrow 14th September and it will be available for one-month only.

Chatime Thai Tea Festival Pearl Thai Milk Tea & Coconut Top Thai
Pearl Thai Milk Tea – With a perfect brew of Thailand’s finest black tea leaves added with creamer, the fragrant and creamy texture of Pearl Thai Milk Tea is perfectly complemented with the addition of Chatime’s signature tapioca pearls that offers a distinctive, chewy taste of fragrant brown sugar. 

Coconut Top Thai Milk Tea – Spicing up its innovative tea-making expertise by enhancing the traditional flavours of Thai Milk Tea with the addition of modern and stylish elements into its Coconut Top Thai Milk Tea. Coolly blended with ice, the beverage is topped with the finest candied grated coconut shavings. The result is a flavourful yet refreshing satisfaction that can be enjoyed at any time of the day.

The new Chatime Pearl Thai Milk Tea is now available at RM6.50 (Regular) and RM7.50 (Large) while Coconut Top Thai Milk Tea is priced at RM8.50. The Thai Milk Tea series can be purchased at all Chatime outlets except Queensbay Mall, Penang and will be available for a limited period of time from 14th September onwards, while stocks last.


Chatime Thai Tea Festival Group Photo

Introducing Thirstea Ringgit and Chatime mobile application

Chatime also announced the company’s latest business directions that are focused on providing consumers greater accessibility through the new Thirstea loyalty program as well as its outlets expansion plans. A new prepaid cash system called Thirstea Ringgit will be introduced into the existing Thirstea card loyalty programme. Besides the usual card benefits, customers will be able to top up money into their Thirstea card for a cashless purchasing experience. The minimum top up is RM10 and the maximum top up is RM300. In conjunction with Thirstea Ringgit launch, Chatime will be offering a special promotion to reward customers for trying out the new service. With every 10 cups of Chatime drinks purchased using the new Thirstea Ringgit, customers will be rewarded with one FREE drink.

Not only that. Chatime will also be launching a mobile application to coincide with the launch of their Thirstea Ringgit system in October 2015. Through the new Chatime Malaysia app, customers can stay connected to the latest Chatime news and promotions and receive freebies directly sent to their mobile phones. The app will also allow Thirstea card members to pay, reload and keep tabs on their loyalty rewards no matter where they are. This latest development is the first step of Chatime’s latest initiative to help bring the company towards the digital frontier and improving the overall customer engagement with the brand.

The new Thirstea Ringgit service will be launched on 1st October across all stores nationwide.


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