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HUGO BOSS Launches BOSS The Scent: A men fragrance leaving me feeling more of a boss than I already am

I like it when a fragrance is named as the BOSS. And today I’m going to be a little bit more bossy and tell you about HUGO BOSS’s new men fragrance – BOSS The Scent.

Throughout these few years of blogging, I’ve only reviewed one men fragrance. The one and only men fragrance which I wore daily to work just to get the feel of the fragrance on me. BOSS The Scent would be my second. Comparing to the first men fragrance experience, I am actually not as afraid as I was before. Let me just tell you in advance that I am a full on girly girl that you’ll ever met. Having to walk around smelling all masculine and fresh is really not my cup of tea. I was actually surprised that BOSS The Scent is not as I expected. I’ll tell you why 🙂

BOSS The Scent reveals a different aspect of the BOSS man. BOSS Parfums believes that the art of seduction is more than instant visual gratification. It is an art that awakens all the five senses, engaging all five senses rather than merely one.

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT Bottle
The bottle looked and feels masculine, set in a silver cage, filled with amber-coloured juice on the inside. Everything is very well made and sturdy. Absolutely represented the BOSS men identity very well. I love the gunmetal chrome top and cap. The cap actually closed down with a hard click. If you are someone that like to grab the perfume bottle from the top like me, rest assured that the heavy bottle will not drop 🙂

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT Nozzle
I don’t know if it’s just me or I haven’t been smelling a lot of men fragrance that I always think that men fragrances all smells the same. My guy friends beg to differ the otherwise and they were right. What am I talking about. Of course they are all different in a way. However the clean, fresh, musky scent remains. BOSS THE SCENT are made using exclusive ingredients from Africa – the aphrodisiac Maninka fruit, evocative of passion fruit and rum. However, the Maninka also evokes something deeper and more profound: the tug of desire and the pull of memory.

Top note: spicy ginger makes a spirited and beguiling first impression.
Heart note: the rousing maninka fruit fuses with lavender to swathe the skin in sensuality.
Base note: an intense, burnished leather, lingering like memory, conveys pure, magnetic masculinity.

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT Chrome Top
For someone who does not wear any men fragrance, I actually enjoyed using this one on me. There is something about the scent that changes my perception towards a lady wearing men fragrance. My guy friends all love this. They are men. Of course they do. They even tried to persuade me to give them my one and only bottle lol. I wouldn’t say I’ll be ditching all my floral fragrance away after this, but the “manly” scent of BOSS The Scent is crazily addicting.

Would I still think all men fragrances are the same after wearing BOSS The Scent for a few weeks now? No I won’t. I take back what I’ve said previously 😀

Hugo Boss BOSS THE SCENT Glass Bottle


BOSS The Scent Eau de Toilette is available at all major department stores and perfumeries nationwide.

BOSS The Scent Eau de Toilette 50ml – RM272
BOSS The Scent Eau de Toilette 100ml – RM360
BOSS The Scent Deostick 75ml – RM96
BOSS The Scent Deospray 150ml – RM96
BOSS The Scent After Shave Lotion 100ml – RM272

Please visit for more information on the fragrance.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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