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Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt: Luxuriously scrubbing away with french sea salt and rose hips oil

Hello! I am not sure if I’m back for real. I still want to take my time with the hiatus without having the stress of updating the blog. Having said that, despite enjoying not having to think about what review to put up, all sorts of nonsense stuff starts to play with my mind now that I have so much time on hand. I have not stop working even before the hiatus. I think I only laid on the bed not doing anything for a day and that’s about it. The blog can stop for a while, sadly the work can’t. I thought I’d popped in to tell you about this super awesome Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt which was gifted to me for my birthday by my dear friend Carrie Anne Long 😀

Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt
I don’t know about you but I absolutely love using slightly harsher body scrub. I like to use a scrub that feels like a scrub. I have not tried any other french sea salt scrub before and I’m quite glad that my first would be the one from the well-known Claire Organics. I believe no introduction needed for Claire Organics. Everybody know the brand and who they are. If you’re looking for handmade and organic personal care products, Claire Organics is the brand to go for.

Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt is pretty much self-explanatory. It is a whitening french sea salt scrub infused with rose hips oil as the main ingredient. Rose is like my all time favourite scent. Carrie knows me well 🙂 . Upon opening the tub, my nose was greeted with a subtle fragrant rose oil scent. Some rose oil can be a little nose clogging and nauseating. Not this one.

Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt Content
The scrub uses french sea salt as the scrubbing agent. I like that it contain pieces of rose petals. Look and feel luxurious. The only downside for me is that I would want to see more rose petals. This scrub, unlike every other scrub is more on the dry side due to the salt. As much as I like harsher scrub, I find that this one to be on the extreme side 😛 . Yeap. It’s a tad bit too harsh for me. Weird that I’m saying this as I just said I want a harsher scrub lol. Like I said before, I have not tried any french sea salt scrub before. It’s my first!

Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt Texture
This scrub is to be massage onto damp skin. I usually like to use body scrub after body shampoo. Even with damp skin I still find it to be slightly painful. Odd enough, I feel relax at the process of scrubbing. The smell of rose hips oil and rose geranium oil are more stronger when used in the shower. No complain about that! I like that it also contain other oil such as sweet almond oil, organic extra virgin olive oil to help to keep the skin extra soft, smooth and moisturizing.

Why do I say this is a super awesome scrub? Well, the first few times I used this scrub was when I was emotionally down so I did not take the extra effort to apply body lotion after shower. I just want to pamper my skin with this scrub and call it a night. A few days ago after using this Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt scrub, my body lotion was staring at me so I started applying generously onto my damp skin. That was when I was wow-ed. The lotion goes over my skin so smoothly, so softly and just melts into my skin. It was amazing 🙂

Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt After Scrubbing
I am not sure if each jar comes with a wooden spatula but my friend did send me one. The price is also very affordable at RM26 for 200g. However that was the price I found from their Facebook page so I’m not sure if the price stated is the updated price or old price. I believe if there is a price difference due to GST, it won’t be a huge gap 😀

Update: Reader Eileen commented that this is now RM29 😉 . Thanks for the update Eileen!

Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt Ingredients
Thank you Carrie for this luxurious birthday gift <3 . I love it!


Claire Organics Whitening Rose Hips Scrub with French Sea Salt is available for purchase through Facebook PM/ Whatsapp/ WeChat/ Email:

Price: RM29 for 200g

For more information, please visit Claire Organics website or Facebook Page.


Disclaimer: Gift from friend. This is not a sponsored review.


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  • You’re most welcome, Fiona!
    I’m glad you like this.
    I remember reading that you like rose scent, and I thought this is something that you might like and it’s organic too! 🙂
    I’m using the lemongrass scrub (and even tiny ants like it so much that they crowd around the jar lid! Yikes!)
    Thanks for the tips about applying body lotion after scrubbing! I haven’t tried that!
    Usually, i scrub before using my body shampoo.
    Guess I must have been doing it the wrong way! Hahahaha… Yes, I am THIS #Blur #Densed

    • Yes and you’ve been sending me varieties of rose scented products. Really appreciate your thoughts and kindness. Lemongrass is probably too sweet eh? Haaa! Why scrub before body shampoo? After shampoo then all the goodness and the smell will be gone lol. However it really depends. Some like to scrub first so the body shampoo can clean the skin better. I like to be clean first before scrub. I follow the same step as skincare 😀 . Don’t worry about it. There’s no right or wrong in beauty 🙂 . That’s the beauty of all this!

      • You’re most welcome, Fiona 😀
        just a small gesture 🙂
        Ya lor.. u have a point there…
        hahaha… i’ll try to shampoo before scrubbing later and see the difference! 🙂

        • Remember to apply lotion after the scrub. Oh my gosh your skin will feel so moisturized haha 😀

  • hi dear… the price is RM29 now (adjusted in Aug 2015)

    • Thanks for the update Eileen 🙂 . Not too bad…RM29.


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