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SK-II Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 Post-Event Report

Alright girls. As promised in my Beauty Bound Asia introduction post and Phase 1 post-event mini report, I attended the Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 workshop, which was held on the 3rd October at Ruyi & Lyn Restaurant in Bangsar Shopping Centre together with the lucky 29 finalist, meticulously chosen from 73 contestants from Phase 1.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2
Although I did not participate in Beauty Bound Asia, however I was appointed as one of the influencer for the program and guess what? I get to be at the workshops together with all the finalists. That means, I get to learn whatever these finalists are learning as well lah. In fact, I reached Phase 2 event venue just in time for the YouTube session. It was the highlight agenda of the day for me because I get to learn the tips and tricks of YouTube. You know, just in case I decided to start a YouTube channel. Who knows? 😀

Phase 2 is more of a workshop day for 29 finalists. Besides the YouTube session where everyone get to learn all they need to know about YouTube, there are also panel discussion with two coaches / judges from Malaysia, beauty tips from EH! magazine, SK-II makeup workshop, and hackathon challenge where finalists need to complete a make-over in 30 minutes. Phew!

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 2

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 3
YouTube session. Pretty interesting. I, myself learnt A LOT 🙂

Right after the YouTube session is the panel discussion with two coaches / judges – Farhanah Firdaus, or better known as Faa Firds on YouTube and of course the gorgeous Emily Quak.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 4

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 5

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 6
Then, there are 3 different workshop/challenge happening at the same time. So, 29 finalists were separated into three groups, taking turns for each workshop/challenge. I sat a while at the session where EH! Managing Editor, Izza Safinaz Ibrahim shared insights on beauty trends with some of the finalists.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 7

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 8
I spent quite a bit of time in the SK-II makeup workshop. Yeap. Trying to pick up more new makeup techniques from none other than makeup guru Khir Khalid.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 9

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 10

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 11
The one and only challenge for the workshop is the hackathon challenge, where all 29 finalists had to do a make-over in 30mins. Now, that is not easy. I can’t even do my makeup and hair in one hour! What more 30 minutes.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 12
It is stressful alright. None of them really paid attention to us snapping their photos away *lol* as they are busy concentrating with the challenge. I spot my fellow blogger friend Farisha Nadia at the challenge and I just had to disturb and say Hi 😀

Looking good Farisha <3

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 13
Most of them, well…all of them had their camera setup to film. That’s what YouTubers are 🙂

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 14

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 15

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 16

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 20
Fu Shuqi, SK-II Brand Communications Manager (left) with the 3 hackathon challenge winners

All 29 finalists must take part in an online challenge to be eligible for the next stage. This online challenge is made up of two parts – unboxing challenge and the ‘No make-up, make-up look’ video.

(1) Yet another unboxing challenge

Okay. I’m jealous. I’m officially jealous. 5 minutes after I walked in to the event, I was told that each of the finalists will be given ANOTHER SK-II box for an unboxing challenge. So I secretly sneak a box for some photos. Even the finalists are not aware of this when I was happily photographing at the lobby. And I have to look left, right, front, back just in case any of them saw it lol.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 17
Same as Phase 1, each 29 finalists received a box of SK-II goodies before they left. They are to post an unboxing video on their channel and their reviews on the products on camera.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 18
These are the products waiting for them to unbox.

Beauty Bound Asia Phase 2 19


(2) The ‘No make-up, make-up look’ Video

That’s not all. Besides the unboxing video, all finalists are also required to upload a video on their “no makeup, makeup look”. They are to demo on how to achieve the perfect no makeup look by using and showing the skincare and products, makeup, hair styling, and explaining their personal tips and techniques. The trick is? The video should not exceed 5 minutes.

Out of 29 finalists, only two (2) will represent Malaysia and make it to the Asia Finals in Tokyo this November. The announcement on which of the lucky 2 national finalists will be made known on 21st October 2015. So do remember to keep an eye on!


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    • We catch up soon. I didn’t want to disturb much that day so just a Hi 🙂


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