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The Best Concealer: And it’s your foundation!

We have all been through the pain of choosing the right foundation or foundation shade. Now that you’ve found your perfect foundation, what’s next? You find yourself in need to find a concealer shade for blemish or spot concealing to match the new foundation. So the hunt begins again. There is no such thing as perfect concealer shade that matches your foundation shade. Perhaps you are lucky, then yes. Otherwise mixing a two or more shade helps. Other than that, you keep praying 😀

The Best Concealer
I started using concealer just a shy two years ago where I only sleep for 4 hours. I have no issue with finding a concealer for my under eyes concealing as I always use a light shade to conceal and brighten at the same time. Yes I do the large triangle thingamajig on my under eyes 🙂 . Then I started to get cray cray over flawless foundation face and so I’m into spot concealing, except that mine wasn’t really spot (ain’t got patience for that!) but more of an “area” concealing. But let’s just call it blemish concealing 😛

The Best Concealer 1
I usually do blemish concealing along my jawline where I had breakout. There are multiple issues I ran into. (1) Different shade i.e. could be lighter or darker than foundation shade, and (2) powder clings onto the concealer that I have round patches of white spots on my jawline. One day out of pure laziness and the fact that I was already late, I found THE PERFECT CONCEALER of all.

The Best Concealer 2
The answer is FOUNDATION.

No I’m not joking. Foundation turns out to be quite a good concealer and provides a good coverage, as long as you find the right texture and application method that suits your skin. I’m speaking from my experience of concealing my jawline. It may or may not work if you are concealing blemishes or breakout on the forehead, temples or cheeks. So do take my sharing with a pinch of salt and try them out first before deciding if this method suits you or not.


Cream Compact Foundation

I find that cream compact foundation works the best as concealer for both the under eyes and face blemishes. Usually these type of compact comes with a special sponge. Use it. Do not toss it away. The sponge are specially designed for the product so it picks up and distribute just the right amount of product.

The Best Concealer 3
If you need to use a brush or prefer to use a brush, apply the product onto your face with a flat foundation brush or even your finger and then use a short but dense bristle brush to dab-spread the product. The Real Techniques Expert Face Brush suits the job perfectly.

I still prefer the sponge included in the compact for my under eye concealing. All it takes is just a few seconds and I’m done!

Foundation as concealer


Liquid Foundation for Larger Area Concealing

Now, I have not used liquid foundation to do concealing before. I could never figure out if liquid works as concealer or not. I ran out of my usual Maybelline Pure Mineral Concealer and I wouldn’t want to repurchase as I would want to try other concealer. It turns out every other concealer was a disaster for me. It’s either the shade is too dark or too light. When I managed to do mixing of a few shades, the powder which I used to set the concealer clings onto the concealer and I ended up with white round patches on my jawline lol.

The Best Concealer 4
Lately I have gotten really fed up with finding the right concealer shade for blemish concealing on my jawline that I started to dab extra bit of foundation onto the area that needed concealing. I do it bit by bit until I achieved the opacity that I want and blend the edges away with the same brush. Because my problem area is my jawline (sometimes the cheeks), I have no problem with cakey foundation or anything else. It’s just like my skin until the end of the day.

The biggest advantage of using foundation that doubles up as concealer is that no matter what foundation brand or shade I use, I have no issue with matching concealer shade with my foundation shade because they are from the same bottle anyway 😀 . Some foundations are more yellow, while some are more pink so that is not an issue if you use the same foundation as concealer.

Foundation as Concealer Before
Foundation as Concealer After
The key to this trick is to set everything with a powder. Any powder will do. It doesn’t matter if it’s translucent or tinted powder. My powder reference changes every day according to my foundation. If I feel that my foundation coverage is light to medium coverage, I would use a tinted powder. If it’s heavy coverage foundation, I would then use a translucent finishing powder to set everything including the under eyes area 😀

Hope you enjoyed reading this makeup tip edition. Until the next one! Stay beautiful <3


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  • Ohhhhhh
    Thought it would be too cakey if use foundation as concealer for under eyes area ><
    bit by bit right, ok I should give it a try ;D

    • Depends on the foundation. Some formulation are not bad. So far I didn’t experience foundation cakey on the under eyes 😉

  • Your skin is so flawless! I on the other hand NEED concealer! 😛

    • Recently it has been a little bit better. Then suddenly…a huge pimple popped out haha!

  • I’ve been waiting for a new tip post from you^^ I never tried using foundation as concealer before. Seriously it works?? 0.0 I know it does otherwise you will not share it out ^^. I’m going to try this tomorrow!

    • See! I read your mind 😛
      I’ve tried using cream compact foundation as concealer before. Then I sort of forget about it. I have been having so much problem with finding the right concealer shade to cover blemishes that I decided to go back to using foundation as concealer. Try it and let me know k? 😉

  • hi fiona! came across your post and i was wondering where did you buy your catrice all round concealer? i checked at guardian online but they didn’t have it.

    • Hi Alia, it must be sold out. Just go to Guardian store. I don’t shop for Catrice online.


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