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Lifestyle Sunday: llaollao, the Spanish yogurt sensation, now in Malaysia to start a frozen yogurt culture

llaollao (pronounced as Yao Yao), the Spanish yogurt sensation that took global yogurt culture by storm recently across four continents, is now available in Malaysia. Its first outlet was launched at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur more than a month ago, and their second outlet is strategically located on the 3rd floor at Mid Valley Megamall.

llaollao 1
llaollao is Europe and Asia’s Number One frozen yogurt brand is here to encourage Malaysians to adopt a healthier lifestyle by providing a wholesome meal option which is low in calorie and fat but at the same time high in flavours with their specially imported sauces and crunches.

llaollao started off in 2009 in Spain. Within just a short two years, it has expanded to more than 100 outlets globally. As of today, llaollao is available in 200 outlets across 25 countries in Europe, Asia, South America, And Africa.

All llaollao yogurt are produced fresh on the site. Its made of skimmed milk so a tub of llaollao yogurt contains 46% of one’s daily recommended allowance of calcium. It is low fat, low calorie, and gluten free. One would not know this from the rich and creamy taste. I like it as the yogurt is not sweet and it has a hint of sour in it. Very refreshing!

Living up to the tagline Small Pleasures, Great Flavours, llaollao is served in a few size offerings – Tubs, Sensations, Granillao, Sanum, and Smoothies. Sanum, the largest all mighty of all is the flagship product. Its a yogurt parfait that comprises three layers of fresh fruits and two layers of crunch, topped with a sauce of choice 😀

llaollao 3
llaollao yogurt ice cream size and option offerings

llaollao 4

llaollao 5
Now here comes the most interesting part. llaollao has got to be the frozen yogurt brand that offers a wide range of imported toppings of crunches such as cereals, brittle, caramelised seeds, muesli, cookies, nuts, KitKat, OREO, Toblerone, and Chops Ahoy! Its sauces on the other hand are all imported and placed under a heated source to keep it from hardening. Some of the fruits are imported such as strawberries and blueberries, while some fruits are sourced locally to offer consumers the local taste.

llaollao 6

llaollao 7
All sources are imported!
llaollao 8
Imported crunches such as cereals, brittle, caramelised seeds, muesli, cookies, nuts, KitKat, OREO, Toblerone, and Chops Ahoy!

llaollao 9

llaollao 10
Fruits are cut fresh everyday at the outlet. Some fruits are imported, while some are sourced locally

llaollao 11
Here is a quick preview on how Sanum is made.

Bottom layer is filled with yogurt ice cream.

llaollao 12
Next is two layers of crunch and three layers of fruits.

llaollao 13

llaollao 14
Topped with a tower of yogurt ice cream and with a sauce of choice.

llaollao 15
This is how huge Sanum is! It is literally my one full meal + dessert lol.

llaollao 16

llaollao 17

llaollao 18
Mr. Tan Kai Young, Director of Petra Empire Sdn Bhd, who brought in llaollao said that the trend now sees consumers are moving towards a healthier lifestyle and consuming products made of natural ingredients. llaollao is natural yet delicious at the same time. Kai Young added that they are inspired to be the number one yogurt brand in Malaysia by providing consumers a wholesome meal option, a true believer of small pleasures, great flavours.

llaollao 19

llaollao is currently available at Level 1 Pavilion KL and Level 3 Mid Valley Megamall. Avenue K outlet will be opened on 24th December 2015.

For more information, please visit and llaollao Malaysia Facebook Page.


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