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Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush: For a faster, poreless, smooth, streak-free application

Ever since MAC came out with Masterclass brushes, I want one. And when Artis Brush came out with similar brushes, I want the whole set! What set me back was the price. The hefty price tag that does not justify the purchase at all especially when USD conversation is off the chart now. When I saw one at Etude House a few months ago, I was overjoy. But RM100+ for a brush still does not make sense to me. Not when I have so many new brushes yet to be used at home.

Now, this Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush is unexpected. Every other bloggers told me they knew about this brush as they did some research on MISSHA before going over to the store opening. I of course just charge ahead to the store with no googling 😛 . I was among the first few to arrive early to the store and the brush shelf was facing the registration counter. After registering myself, they first thing I browse at was none other than makeup brushes. I scanned row by row from top to bottom and guess what I saw? A familiar looking “toothbrush” alike brush! And the price is so reasonable. Like RM55 reasonable! I bagged it of course.

Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush 1
I did not practise what I preach with this brush. I did not wash the brush prior before using lol. I was too excited to start using. Oh boy. I have not had such excitement with beauty products for so long. So I kind of forgive myself this time round 😛 . Don’t do what I did girls. ALWAYS wash your new makeup brushes, let them dry properly before using 😉

This Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush is only available in one universal size (I think). The brush head size is just right. It is not too big and not too small. At one glance you might think heck, this is too small for foundation for the face. Yes but because it is so efficient, it does the job in a jiffy.

Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush 2
The brush head is in a tear drop shape. The middle part of the holder is flexi and elastic so it bends according to your face shape as you are swiping it on the face. I always tell myself to go light. Just in case I broke the brush unintentionally. I was relieved that the bristles are in golden chocolate brown rather than the usual white or black. It’s refreshing.

The bristles are very densely packed BUT ultra soft. Each of the hair are so fine that it does not leave any brush strokes on the face. And because of this also I find it hard to wash. No matter what I cannot seems to get it as clean as my other brushes. Perhaps I did not use enough Daiso Detergent For Puff and Sponge. I don’t know. I am going to try again 🙂

Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush 3
What I learnt from Youtube with this type of makeup brushes is that you swirl the brush on the face. But I heard from other blogger that Missha recommend to use the brush in a single direction. You know me. I do not follow direction. I just use whichever method I know suits my preference. And that is to swirl all over the face as if I am buffing car wax on my car. There is no right or wrong. Remember that 😉

What I love about this brush? Plenty! I did not know where to start. Firstly, I find that the most tricky foundation that either is too watery or too dry goes on the skin easier with this brush. There are no brush strokes AT ALL. Nil. Zero. Zilch. It covers my ginormous pores, which I could never do so with other brushes or beauty blender. The brush smoothes the foundation over my pathetic pores like icing on the cake. And for some odd reason, the coverage seems fuller. Sometimes I feel that the bristles does not soak up a lot of product as all the products will ended up on my face. But with such fine hair it is impossible that it does not soak up product, eh? Let’s talk about my nose. Let me tell you I have headache applying foundation on my nose. This brush? Takes care of it for me, covering all the pores, and minus the brush strokes #love. The size of the brush head fits the inner corner of my cheeks, nose, corner of my nose, under eyes and everywhere!

Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush 4

Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush 5
I was lucky to be able to bag this brush home as there was only two available at the store. Partly because some bloggers who reached early has no idea what it is or how to use it or what to use it for or have no use for it, and they are distracted with makeup products heh! If you managed to find this at Missha store at Sunway Pyramid, BUY IT. Do not think twice or thrice as it may be sold out by the time you made up your mind.


Missha Professional Oval Make Up-Brush is available at Missha store at LG1.39, Lower Ground 1, Sunway Pyramid.

Price: RM55

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  • I want one badly :(. I hope they restock soon then you can help me to buy yes? :D^^

    • I hope they restock soon too, and more stocks 😉


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