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My Secrets of Beauty 7 Days Pack: A mask a day keeps the skin problems away

I am considered as someone brave to try anything when it comes to beauty. I remember many years ago when I had severe skin allergy attack, a number of people asked if I will be vary on what to try on after the incident or I will be back to my normal self. The answer I gave was I will still try whatever beauty tips, tricks, and products 🙂

When I told people I used sleeping mask every night for a whole month to test out a beauty myth, I was called crazy as sleeping mask is not supposed to be used every night. However, that is not the same case with facial sheet mask. You can use it every single day continuously, even up to a few sheets per day and ended up with the best skin you ever had. I had tried this beauty trick and even written about it. But does it work for every single mask and brand? I tested out the same trick with My Secrets of Beauty 7 Days Pack which I received just before Chinese New Year.

My Secrets of Beauty 7 Days Pack
You must be wondering why you have not heard about My Secrets of Beauty facial mask. That is because they have yet launch in Malaysia and they are scheduled to be launch this coming 1st March. Keep an eye on their website and all their social media platforms on this 😉 . My Secrets of Beauty (MSB in short) is facial mask formulated in France and manufactured in Hong Kong. These masks will only be made available to you in Malaysia through their in-house online store and delivery will be made right to your door step.

My Secrets of Beauty facial mask only comes in a 7 Days Pack. That’s the one you see from the first photo above. This type of package with three types of masks for a week of usage is a rare find. It comes in a black box, which makes a perfect gifting idea, and on the inside there are 7-pieces of sheet mask – 3X hydrating masks, 2X anti-aging masks, and 2X brightening masks.

My Secrets of Beauty 1
3X hydrating masks (teal), 2X anti-aging masks (pink), and 2X brightening masks (light blue)

Packaging wise, if you are like me, a sucker for anything cute and pretty, you will like these 😀 . Girls will always be girls 😛

My Secrets of Beauty 2
Hydrating Mask – suitable for all skin type, for dry or dull skin.

Hydrating has got to be the favorite of most people as it is suitable for everyone. It contain an unique small molecule technology that promote rapid penetration and strong absorption. It improve skin’s moisture locking and retention ability, nourishing the skin, and repairs the skin.

Anti-Aging Mask – suitable for all skin type, for facial firming and anti-aging.

Anti-aging is a skin care trend that is catching up rapidly. As people say, prevention is always better than cure. This one prevent signs of aging and replenishes collagen to the skin. It also whitens, cleanses, and moisturises the skin while improving the skin’s overall elasticity. It smoothes and refines the skin at the same time.

Brightening Mask – suitable for all skin type, for dull or dark skin.

infused and enriched with skin whitening trace elements. Besides working on existing pigmentations, it also works by preventing pigmentation formation. Brightening also brighten the skin up to prevent it from going dull or dark. It also promote skin metabolism and repair damaged skin. So all in one, it brighten and whiten skin in a short period of time, revives dull and tired skin, repair damaged skin, and improve skin metabolism.

My Secrets of Beauty 3
What I notice about My Secrets of Beauty masks is the ingredient lists. Unlike other facial sheet masks in the market, MSB kept their ingredient at minimal. All three masks pretty much had different ingredients in them.

My Secrets of Beauty 4
Besides ingredients, product description, product claims and usage instructions, there is also a pictorial diagram on how to use and apply. Now, most people do not read (I am guilty of that too) but it is important to at least look at the pictorial. I learnt this from experience when I first used MSB mask for the first time because it comes with TWO protective layer. Boy, I was like a mad woman searching frantically for the instruction which side to apply on the face and which facing out with both hands soaked with essence hehe. So girls, always read regardless how well you know a product as simple as facial sheet mask. Learn from Fiona’s mistake 😛

My Secrets of Beauty 5
Of all three masks, I decided to go with Brightening Mask to show you how the mask fares even with one application on me. Yes, I am that confident that you will see changes on the skin even with one application. Why brightening? Because the camera loves anything brightening! It will be captured better 🙂

My Secrets of Beauty 6
My Secrets of Beauty facial masks comes with two protective layer, which I will talk more below. The shape is rather wide, perfect for me as I do have bigger face area. It comes with the usual eye, nose, and mouth opening.

My Secrets of Beauty 7
What I like about these masks is that the whole sheet is properly soaked with essence eventhough there are two protective layers around it. The essence are neither too watery or sticky, just the way I like my sheet mask to be.

Back to the two protective layer. It is very rarely for me to encounter a sheet mask that has protective front and back. Many will be confuse as to which side goes where. My philosophy is pretty simple – the side on protective layer goes on the face. But what if a sheet mask comes with two protective layers like this one? That is when the instruction printed at the back of the packaging comes handy. I learnt that you first peel the blueish paper layer, apply the mask on the face, then only peel off the plastic shiny layer. Easy to remember right?

My Secrets of Beauty 8
Another surprise that I find is how thin the sheet mask is. I am not kidding when I said it is as thin as paper. It really does. This also explains why there are two protective layer. The mask is so thin that if it is not protected properly, you (the consumer) will have a hard time peeling the mask off. I have been using these MSB masks numerous times and I do have to agree that it is pretty tricky to work with thin mask. But after a few usage, I get the hang of it. I am pretty good with it now 😀

My Secrets of Beauty 9
As you can see, the mask is wide enough for my errr wide face perimeter. And more. The top portion is too long that it is protruding out 😛 . Otherwise you will not even know I had sheet mask on. The mask is so ultra-thin that it looks like my skin. Even my mom did not notice I had sheet mask on sometimes.

My Secrets of Beauty 11
Perfect fit. Can’t smile. My face all wrapped up!

You know how rebellious I am when it comes to beauty, right? I like to peel both protective layers off first, then applied the sheet mask onto my face. It can be tricky this way if you are working with the mask for the first few times. For me I am used to it. I find it quite easy to smooth the mask on my face. All MSB facial mask comes in ultra-thin and transparent silk mask which uses Single Cocoon Silk Yarns Technology. Something different from other silk masks in the market. Due to its technology, the mask is able to goes on the skin smoothly and enhanced the absorption by skin therefore providing immediate effect right after each usage. It hugs the face like a second skin for better penetration and maximum absorption. There is no essence dripping down the neck at all. And I can even sit straight up like normal while working on the computer without the mask feels like slipping down my face.

My Secrets of Beauty 12
Just like second skin.

And here is the Before and After. Face is obviously brighter, not as red and dark as before.

Oh and one more thing. You are supposed to gently pat the skin for the essence to absorb fully into the skin after removing the mask. You are not supposed to wash it off. The “After” below is after I pat the essence into my skin. Surprisingly the before shot is more oily than the after lol.

My Secrets of Beauty 10
All three masks does have a gentle floral scent to it. It is not bothering if you are sensitive to scenty products. The scent for all three are pretty the same to me.

I like that My Secrets of Beauty decided to have these masks in a 7 Days Pack because it is so much easier to track with daily usage rather than the loose mask. However if you like one of the mask like how I love the Brightening Mask and you would like to purchase it separately, you can’t. The 7 Days Pack is designed for a week usage. These masks are formulated in France and we all know how good the French are with beauty products.


My Secrets of Beauty 7 Days Pack is available from 1st March onwards at .

Price: RM150 for a pack of 7 sheet masks (3X Hydrating Masks, 2X Anti-Aging Masks, 2X Brightening Masks)

For more information, please visit My Secrets of Beauty website, Facebook page, or Instagram page.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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