Beauty News: A Boost of Freshness with HUGO MAN Extreme and HUGO WOMAN Extreme

HUGO MAN Extreme and HUGO WOMAN Extreme
Taking freshness to the next level, this Spring HUGO will unleash HUGO Extreme – two new intensely uplifting and invigorating counterparts to its iconic and original HUGO MAN and HUGO WOMAN fragrances.

HUGO MAN Extreme

HUGO MAN Extreme
Bringing to life the power of an added boost of freshness is the vibrant print campaign shot by dynamic and renowned fashion and beauty photographer Benjamin Lennox. It embodies the lightness and energy delivered by HUGO Extreme, with both print executions complemented by a burst of effervescent bubbles. Expressing the energetic spirit of the fragrances, it creates an undeniably unique expression of refreshing confidence.

Scent Description

Captured in the iconic flask shaped flacon, the new eau de parfum brings the classic HUGO MAN to the next level with an intense contemporary twist. The scent opens with the iconic freshness of green apples, which has been intensified for maximum impact. As the fragrance develops, an enhanced aromatic heart of lavender, sage and geranium reveals its
modern side. A powerful and distinctive base of cedarwood and fir balsam anchors the scent. The power of HUGO MAN Extreme lies in the undeniable chemistry that unites each ingredient, resulting in an explosion of energising freshness. A scent for all those who want to live life on their own terms.

Adrien Sahores returns to star in the HUGO MAN Extreme campaign, which captures his unmistakable confidence and charisma enhanced by the boost of freshness HUGO Extreme gives him.



Freja Beha Erichsen resumes her role as the face of HUGO WOMAN Extreme, exuding confidence, femininity and genuine self-assurance, whilst radiating with a beautiful boost of freshness courtesy of the new revitalised fragrance.

Scent Description

HUGO WOMAN Extreme is the new counterpart to the iconic HUGO WOMAN fragrance. Its concentrated eau de parfum has an intense revitalising freshness lying at its heart. Irresistibly fruity and adventurously fresh top notes of flamboyant boysenberry juxtaposed with a daring dash of himalayan red grass compose the sparkling head accord.

As the scent unfolds, the power of the increased jasmine sambac liberates a white flower storm at the heart of the scent, delivering a refreshing boost when combined with revitalising black tea. Like a flower in full bloom, its natural beauty reveals itself over time for maximum impact. Rarely found at the base, the highly versatile oriental osmanthus flower adds a redefined sensuality with sophisticated notes that enhance the vibrant beauty of the other ingredients.
The scent is encapsulated in a pink shaped flacon reminiscent of lightness and freedom.


HUGO BOSS  HUGO MAN Extreme and HUGO WOMAN Extreme is available at all major department stores and perfumeries nationwide.

+ HUGO MAN Extreme EDP 60ml – RM254
+ HUGO MAN Extreme EDP 100ml – RM338
+ HUGO WOMAN Extreme EDP 30ml – RM182
+ HUGO WOMAN Extreme EDP 50ml – RM256
+ HUGO WOMAN Extreme EDP 75ml – RM327

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