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Beauty Products I Bring When I Travel (The Light Version)

Beauty Products I Bring When I Travel 6
Two weeks ago I had an impromptu trip to Penang for a business meeting. As usual all my trips are kind of last minute and this recent trip bring ‘last minute’ to a whole new level as everything was only confirmed the day before. As I was also heading out the day before, packing was done in a flash. If you know me you will know that I cannot do flash packing. And I am also kinda a last minute packer 😛

I threw everything to my luggage in 20 minutes before I head out for a whole day of running errands. People always ask me what did I pack in my luggage as I always travel with a mini house (so to speak) with me regardless one day trip or one week trip. The thing is, I only travel with full size products. Yeap! I said it. I am the type of girl who brings ALL full size beauty products *lol*. I just like how things are on the bathroom or vanity table in the hotel. Crazy, I know 🙂

This time round thanks to flash packing, I actually bring lesser beauty products. My poor friend who tried to be a gentleman by carrying my luggage from the car to the hotel can’t help but to asked “what did you bring in your bag? Bricks??” ???

Beauty Products I Bring When I Travel 1
I kept the makeup department simple as that is how I am whenever I am in Penang. Normally I would dress like a tourist in Penang aka shorts and t-shirt 😛 . Penang is like home so it is no biggie. Since the weather is scorching hot, I brought the most matte foundation – L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte Foundation. Every makeup item I brought are long lasting and matte, which does not requires any touching up.

Beauty Products I Bring When I Travel 2
Now, the skincare and fragrance department are a bit of a mess. I brought my usual day and night skincare, together with some additional treatment products such as facial masks, facial mists and so on. I stuff my huge hair brush with a full size perfume bottle. Thank goodness nothing was broken. It is chaotic. I literally stuck everything into this poor toiletry bag. Oh yeah. And the hair spray and dry shampoo as well.

Beauty Products I Bring When I Travel 4
I also brought along all my usual makeup brushes. It is so much that the Muji clear case could not fit everything so I have to separate the face brushes from the eye brushes. I ended up only using the face brushes as I did not put on any eye makeup the new following days.

Beauty Products I Bring When I Travel 3
Initially I wanted to bring along my eye makeup remover and face makeup remover. Then I remember that I have an awesome cleansing oil tissue from Missha so I brought that instead. It does the job perfectly well so why bother with the oil thingamajig right? 😛

I have also started to take Glucosamine for my joints as I have been running a lot. This is for prevention just in case. I would not want to hurt my knee and suffer with the pain when I am old 🙂 . I have yet to find a good Calcium supplement. If you know any please do suggest 😀

Beauty Products I Bring When I Travel 5
That’s it! These are the beauty products I brought with me when I travel. This is the lighter version of what I brought with me recently 😛 . Normally there are bags and bags and bags!

Now tell me. Do you travel with travel size, sample sachets, squeezing everything out to a container or you are like me too bringing all full size with you?


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  • I bring full size items too! i cant work with samples and i dont have small bottles XD

    • Hehe high 5^. Save the hassle. Just bring full size je 😀

  • Full size for sure,why bother with travel size,lol
    The feeling is different right,btw nice organiser you got here,face brush case too…very nice.

    • Lol. I totally agree with you. Why bother with travel size? 😀
      Thanks! That’s an old organizer from Crabtree & Evelyn. Oldie but goodie.

  • I bring full size too. You influenced me to do so. I used to dispense out into a small jar haha

    • I cannot deal with small jar. Need to clear and find place to store later. Lazy!


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