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Lifestyle Sunday: If You’re Into Fresh Flowers, You Got To Visit Floristika At Least Once in Your Life

Floristika 1
Let’s go easy with the beauty and talk about some other happy place today. Floristika. Yes, it’s a happy place.

Growing up, I never like receiving flowers. I thought it is a waste of money. I never like having flowers sent to my office, having jealous pairs of eyes staring at me, having strangers looking over as I brought the bouquet of flowers to my car or when taking the LRT (I took LRT to work last time). Nope. Hate that. Don’t like it at all. But…I do like to buy flowers for myself to have it in my room and the living space. I have a God-sister who is a florist during my secondary school so I would buy a stalk of white rose everyday. I remember growing up wanting to have a floral arrangement business just like hers because I get so happy being surrounded with fresh flowers.

Now that I no longer wanted to be a florist 😛 and PR companies as well as brands has been sending flowers over once in a while, I quite like it as it’s not overly huge bouquet. You can say I am a minimalist. Sometimes, just sometimes…I would pay a visit to Floristika, a well-known florisht and flower wholesale center at Bangsar.

Before I start, let me warn you in advance that I have these photos taken in November 2014. I have always wanted to talk about this place but kinda forgotten until today haha. So bear in mind prices and so on might be different now 😛

Floristika 2
This post will mainly be on photos, not so much of me talking away. What I can say is, Level 1 is a very cold place as all the fresh flowers are in this level.

Floristika 3

Floristika 4

Floristika 5

Floristika 6
Floristika is a wholesale place so do expect the flowers to be in a huge bouquet. Some are reasonable priced, while some in my opinion are too expensive. You make you own judgement on it. I just don’t spend so much on flowers 😛

Floristika 7

Floristika 8

Floristika 9

Floristika 10

Floristika 11
There are some ready bouquet, which are so beautiful (and expensive).

Floristika 12
For example this rare purple rose! I died-ed.

Floristika 16

Floristika 17

Floristika 13
Everyone’s favourite – Hydrangea!

Floristika 14
I remember baby’s breath is cheap but at Floristika, it can cost up to RM32!

Floristika 15

Floristika 18

Floristika 19
Don’t know if any of you remember that I was very much into glass container last year and I still am. Part of the reason of visiting Floristika is also because I heard I can get apothecary jars there. I found it alright but did not end up getting any as I do not know what to do with them LOL. These would look so pretty with colourful candies inside.

Floristika 20

Floristika 21
16, Jalan Liku, Off Jalan Riong
59100 Bangsar
Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603 2287 6113 / +603 2287 7213
Email: cs@floristika.com.my


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  • omg my hydrangea!!!

    • See! Everyone love hydrangea 😀

  • the place still look the same till now…..even flower varieties still the same… i hope they can sell a packet of flower mixture instead of same flower type in one packet….prices wise i think a few bucks more exp now…but having flower is always exp in our country because it dies fast hahaha….next time we can go flower shopping together….

    • I agree. I prefer a packet of flower mixture instead of just one type. Eh? Die fast so must be cheaper haha!!


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