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Rohto Cool Eye Drops: Blinds You For 5 Seconds, Keeps Your Eyes Fresh For The Rest of The Day

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I have heard about the greatness of Rohto Eye Drops and how the Japanese love it. I have also seen people bringing back a luggage loads of these eye drops whenever they visit Japan. I have also heard how these will blinds you for the first few seconds. “Blinds me?” That was the first reaction when I first heard about the Rohto Cool Eye Drops a year ago.

Now you do not have to luggage these cuties back from Japan because it is now available in Malaysia! The Rohto Cool Eye Drops comes with a unique cooling formula that gives an instant cooling sensation (that’s the blinding part) and then fades to a refreshing feeling. Is this safe, if you may ask? Very. It is formulated carefully by eye care specialists in full compliance with FDA’s over-the counter Ophthalmic Drug Products Monograph and it is manufactured under Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) according to ISO 13485 guidelines.

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I was pleasantly surprised to find out that each ingredients in this eye drops are filtered and sterilized, including the bottle, nozzle, and the cap through gamma sterilization or electron beam sterilization process.

Overall there are three variants available – Cool Tired Eye Relief: Cool & Refreshing, Aqua Tired Eye Relief: Gentle & Moisturizing, and Dry Aid Advanced Dry Eye Relief: Restore Moisture. The bottle for Cool and Aqua is the same while Dry Aid looks like a nail polish bottle. The nozzle on this is also different but works effectively without any leaking unlike other eye drops in the market. The single-drop dispenser is also the only packaging of its kind in the market. I like how the bottle is transparent, small and cute. I can easily have this cutie in my purse with me all the time.

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Rohto Cool Eye Drops has the cooling level of a 5, which is quite strong and the strongest among the three variant. If you are afraid of the cooling (not minty) sensation in your eye balls for the first five seconds, go for Aqua. It has zero cooling level 😉

When I first use the Cool version, I kinda forgotten about how it makes one blind for a few seconds. And you know me. I do not read instruction on the box of the pamphlet on the inside of the box. I just took it out of the box, tear open the plastic wrapper and drip into my eyes. Boy oh boy am I in for a big surprise. I thought I am going blind! After blinking like a mad woman for five seconds, I regained my sight. I have very dry eyes which is making me tears up for no reason throughout the day. This eye drops has been doing good for me. I am only using it once a day – either before I sleep or mid day while working. I actually prefer to use this mid day if I can remember 😀

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Rohto Eye Drops in Cool, Aqua, and Dry Aid is available at all leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets nationwide.
Price: RM16.90 (inclusive of GST) for 13ml



Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I was curious after seeing all the bloggers do Instagram sponsored posts on this so I bought it to try…and itI tell you, it really was a shock when I first tried it!
    It was like chilli sauce on the eyeballs for the first few seconds and I was taken aback. I panicked for a moment.
    Of course, after a few more seconds the spicy sensation dissipated and my vision was improved and my eyes felt comfortable.

    Now after a week or so of use, I really quite like the way it refreshes the eyes andhe bonus is that I can use it with my contacts.
    For some reason, it doesn’t feel so spicy anymore. I think I just wasn’t prepared for the sensation on that first go and now my eyes have built up a tolerance to the formula.
    Would I purchase again? Yes!
    I think it’s a good product for in-flight comfort or working at length under air conditioning or at a computer screen.
    Sorry, this comment turned into a mini review haha

    • Mind the typos in my last comment/ review. I’m terrible at typing on my phone haha
      Need more eye drops too now. Small screens strain my eyes …*drip, drip*

      • Drip away babe! haha. I gotta drip some too. Oh and you know how you could taste at the back of your throat for some eye drops? It’s horrible. This one doesn’t do that to me.

    • I know right? I was panic as hell when I first use it. Then after a few times I knew what was coming and it’s now fine. I really like the nozzle. It doesn’t leaks everywhere. The cooling wasn’t too bad. I think Oxy mint face wash stings my eyes more LOL


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