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Terry de Gunzburg Thé Glacé Aqua Parfum: A Refreshing, Sparkling Summery Scent Reminiscing Taking A Sip of Iced Tea at The French Riviera

Terry de Gunzburg The Glace 1
I am sure by now you know the cosmetic brand, By Terry. But did you know By Terry also have skin care AND fragrance line as well? I am not aware about the fragrance line until I went for Terry de Gunzburg Thé Glacé launch.

Thé Glacé Aqua Parfum is a perfume by Terry de Gunzburg, the Founder of By Terry. Terry describe this new scent as a chic, unique, magnetic, aquatic scent based on her herb garden. The fragrance opens up to a refreshing, sparkling Eau Fraîche summery scent, an olfactory tattoo in limited edition. When the scent tones down, I was pretty sure I’m smelling something that resembles a cologne. Not the manly type of cologne mind you, but a light refreshing one. It was…delicious! 😀

The notes used to make this spontaneous like cologne, sophisticated as an Eau de Parfum fragrance includes lime, grapefruit, verbena, tea, almonds, lavender, floral notes, moss, and musk.

Terry de Gunzburg The Glace 2
The 100ml bottle is kept simple. A sturdy square, thick glass with a heavy oval cap, which Terry named it as “drop of mercury”. You will notice the rather interesting embossed engravings between the broken lines in tangy green and gleaming gold with silver label on the front that was inspired by the Mediterranean and the French Riviera. Terry pays tribute to Sonia Delaunay, a revolutionary artist whom she and Sonia both share the same love for color and timeless design in abstract graphics.


Terry de Gunzburg Thé Glacé Aqua Parfum is retailing for RM595. It comes in one size only and that is 100ml. Available at Kens Bangsar Shopping Centre and Kens Apothecary Bangsar Village II.

For more information, please visit Kens Apothecary Website, Facebook Page or Instagram.


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