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BRAND’S Essence of Chicken – Made For The Mind and Body: A Bottle Wakes Me Up Like I’m An Energizer Bunny

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At my home, I kept at least two dozens of the BRAND’S Essence of Chicken. It is a staple for my family for many reasons and I will tell you why 🙂 . The majority of Chinese household since many generations ago relies on BRAND’S Essence of Chicken for health purposes. It is also the most common and reliable to buy for the elders, visiting at the hospital or even visiting new mom. We have been doing that for many many years and yet we do not keep some for ourself at home until a few years ago.

BRAND’S Essence of Chicken recently came out with a brand new campaign to promote its latest discovery and to celebrate the clinically proven benefit facts of the iconic health supplement. Not many people are aware that this Essence of Chicken can be taken on day to day basis, even when you are all fine and bouncing around like normal. It is a natural food supplement with absolutely no added salt. Best of all? It is cholesterol and fat free.

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I have personally been given a private tour of the BRAND’S manufacturing plant at Shah Alam 3 years ago. Although that was not the main manufacturing plant, I was pleased that I had a glance of how BRAND’S made their Essence of Chicken. Not only I was impressed with how clean they kept the plant, I was told that this bottle of wholesome goodness are all the essence from chicken. This is why it has a ‘chicken’ smell that most people said are hard to swallow. They also added a bit of caramel in it to make the taste more palatable, which to me taste like soy sauce. Was it a good taste with added caramel? Of course! It is any way better than drinking just the chicken essence that could potentially be not palatable as much.


So, what’s the difference between the old and new packaging?

The new BRAND’S Essence of Chicken had a word ‘Original’ stamped on the bottle as opposed to the old packaging. I wonder quite a bit on the difference between both, even opened up a few bottles to taste the product. That… wow, kept me wide awake and fresh like energizer bunny! I think I had too much but no complain. I was a curious cat.

I was told that previously BRAND’S  is the only scientifically backed up chicken essence brand in the market that can substantiate its claimed benefits of improving memory by up to 15%, enhanced concentration by 22%, and increased metabolism up to 16%. These claims are all backed up by over 40 international scientific papers. Now, it is clinically shown that regular consumption significantly improves mental and physical performance, keeping stress at bay by reducing anxiety, mental and physical fatigue through blood circulation and oxygen flow.

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Left: New packaging, Right: Old packaging

I was a little weaker a few years ago and I often woke up feeling dizzy, as if the world is turning around fast. A bottle of the BRAND’S Essence of Chicken plus a short 15 minutes of resting of the bed immediately brought me back to my senses. This is the main reason why my mom will make sure our cabinet are stocked up. No medication helped with my constant dizziness. My brother on the other hand is a regular consumer. He stock these up in his office just as much as we stock them at home. He often wakes up at 5.30am for work and only return home at 11pm. A bottle of the BRAND’S Essence of Chicken helped him through the day without feeling tired and sleepy. This, I have to agree as I am a consumer as well. One bottle of this can keep you alert the whole day as it reduces cortisol aka the stress hormone. Because I am more sensitive towards supplements, I became an energizer bunny with a bottle of this lol.

Now, the taste. It taste exactly the same for the packaging with the word ‘Original’ on it. For some reason I think it is less smelly and more palatable. It could be I am used to the taste 😀

In conjunction with the new campaign, everyone are welcomed to join a simple two-step “Win a SMART WHEEL Unicycle Every Day” contest, happening from now until 30th June 2016. With the purchase of any pack size of BRAND’S Essence of Chicken, submit the completed contest form and you could walk away with the coveted SMART WHEEL electric unicycle.


For more information, please visit BRAND’S Smart Living on Facebook or call BRAND’S Customer Care Line at 1-300-228-300.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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