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Mamonde, South Korea Imported Cosmetic Brand Debut in Malaysia This August 2016

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Mamonde, a leading global premium cosmetic brand fully imported from South Korea is scheduled to be launched in Malaysia this coming August 2016 with its first beauty counter in Aeon Bandar Utama. Mamonde will be the latest skincare brand under leading cosmetic company, AmorePacific Malaysia’s umbrella.

The word Mamonde is the french word for My World. It is a beauty brand that offers quite a wide selection of skincare and makeup products. Price are pretty affordable. Let me just warn you. It is priced at the lower price than Laneige. Say between RM6 to RM169?

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Mamonde’s skincare uses flowers as its key ingredients formulation. It is the first of its kind in the market for this formulation. Why flowers? It is said that blossoming flower together with its scent and colours naturally emits a inherent vitality and surging energy that is able to change one mood and calms the heart. Therefore an intensive research and development was done at AmorePacific Research Institute, uncovering the link between flowers and woman’s beauty. These research was done on various types of flowers, from the root to the stem up to the flower petals. Flowers contain moisturizing properties and skin nourishing ingredients that not only provide moisturization to the skin but also to balance oil production.

Each Mamonde skincare range uses different flower as its key ingredient. They are five main range with five different key flower ingredient and functions.

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Honeysuckle, an enduring winter flower is widely grown on the mountains and in the forests. The blossoms are white but gradually turn yellow with age.


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Hibiscus blooms beautifully under sunshine on summer days. Each hibiscus shrub is capable of growing up to 5,000 trumpet-shaped flowers over a long season.


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Narcissus grows and blooms in bunches by the sea, revealing its pure and elegant beauty especially when clustered.


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Lotus Flower

Lotus breathes as the sun rises and anchors itself firmly on a puddle of mud. The deep, noble scent that travels in wind is sure to attract you.


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Camellia is a flower capable of enduring long winter is adaptable even in the ocean. The flower is also capable of preserving its intoxicating scent regardless of its surrounding.


Mamonde aims to bring women’s beauty into a bloom through the eyes of nature and wisdom found in the flowers’ vitality, which is now available in their products. Lookout for Mamonde first ever beauty counter this August 2016 in Aeon Bandar Utama 😀

For more information, please visit Mamonde Malaysia Facebook Page or Instagram for more updates.


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