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From Tokyo to Malaysia, ALBION Now Available at Isetan KLCC

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ALBION, one of the most traditional and well-known skincare brand from Tokyo Japan landed in Malaysia last month with the official launch of the brand and its first beauty counter at Isetan KLCC. Interestingly, when I found out months ago that ALBION will be launching soon in Malaysia, I have no idea the brand was THIS HUGE. And shockingly, ALBION is known by everyone I know, even friends who are ignorant with the beauty industry knew about ALBION. How is that possible??!! Beats me lol 😀

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I say ALBION picked the right location for its first ever beauty counter. Located in the middle of the cosmetic and fragrance floor in Isetan KLCC, you would not miss ALBION for sure.

ALBION skincare line is quite straight forward. However, as simple as the range are, each series contains quite a number of products. Once you identify which skin type you are and what series your skin belongs to, then it gets easier 😀

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ALBION Star Product

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The brand’s star product is none other than the Skin Conditioner Essential. When I took at look at the bottle, I thought it looked “traditional” or old school. I was told that it’s loyal users has gotten used to this packaging for over 30 years ago so ALBION decided to keep the packaging as it is. It make sense to keep a star product as original as it. A glance of the bottle and one would know from far that it is the ALBION Skin Conditioner Essential.

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What this lotion does is to strengthen the skin by regulating the skin turnover and promote six benefits to the skin – clarifies, dewiness, combat roughness, prevent breakouts, skin tightening, and soothes the skin after sun exposure. It is a lotion / toner all in one but do expect a somewhat smoother, softer and bouncier skin after using. I have tried it at the beauty counter during the opening and I was blown away. It comes in two sizes – 165ml for RM190 and 330ml for RM320. More on this in a detail review, hopefully soon 😛 . Let me climb out of the mountain of work first 🙁

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Kyo-san, Albion International Trainer giving me a hands-on demo on Skin Conditioner Essential

Here are the rest of the skincare products. ALBION offers skin consultation, usage advice, and sampling over the counter at Isetan KLCC. Please do drop by for a chat with ALBION beauty consultant on how to improve your skin using ALBION products 😀 . Remember to try on the Skin Conditioner Essential!

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Nothing excites me more than makeup. And ALBION do carry some base makeup products too.

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ALBION is currently available at Isetan KLCC

For more information on ALBION products, please visit ALBION website.


Comments (21)

  • I’ve used this previously… Bought them at a facial saloon… Love their Skin Conditioner & Exage lotion… ^__^

    • Facial salon also sell them? Whoa. I have both the Exage Lotion and Skin Conditioner. When used together, it’s AMAZING. Can’t wait to start mine 🙂

      • Yes yes, but that was previously… I think 2 yrs ago… a facial salon opposite my working office. But they mentioned that Albion will be opening their own counters, so facial salon will no more carry this brand.. 😀

        • Fiona, did u buy their special cotton pad ?
          It could be use as a facial mask to soak the Skin Conditioner.. 🙂

        • Oh I see. Yeap they are right about Albion coming here 😉

  • how much is their facial cotton ?

    • It’s retailing for RM20

  • Thanks?Does they provide the service of whole set treatment on the spot that According to my face condition? Need any charges??

    • You mean skin consultation? Yes they do. You can get the BA at the counter to do a skin check for you to determine which product your skin needs.

  • Okays. Thanks?

    • No problem. Let me know if you need more info 😉

  • Sure?Do they carry any promotion packages?

    • The promotion now is RM480 purchase get 4-pc gift 🙂

  • Thanks Fiona ☺️

  • May i know currently is it only Isetan KLCC are only 1 store in Malaysia?
    Can i have latest price info skin conditional essential and Exage white/moisture milk?


    • The last I know is that they opened a counter in Isetan Lot 10. I do not have the latest price though. The last I know is Skin Conditioner Essential is comes in two sizes – 165ml for RM190 and 330ml for RM320, as stated in the post.

  • ok noted with thanks

    • You’re welcome 🙂

  • May i know how much for the milk lotion ?

    • Hi Ju Lim, good question. I tried checking but the brand person left the company and no one from the brand approached me so I was unable to check for you. You have to drop by the counter to check on the price.


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