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Swaying Into The Summer With The Body Shop Piñita Colada & Polynesian Island Tiaré Collection, Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 and A Peek Into Suria KLCC New Concept Store

The Body Shop Pinita Colada 1
I had the pleasure of visiting The Body Shop new concept store at Suria KLCC two weeks ago, whereas the old store was relocated to the lot next to the escalator on Concourse level (previously Swatch store). Besides exploring the new store, I also had the opportunity to check out The Body Shop Summer 2016 collection release – the highly anticipated (by me that is) Piñita Colada collection and Polynesian Island Tiaré collection. Both tropical body care range are Limited Edition release, which means once it is sold out that would be it. And also a brand new sunscreen – Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 to add into Drop Of Light range.

The Body Shop KLCC New Store 1
The new concept store looks bigger as it is wider than the old store but not as deep as the old store. I have to ask what is so different with this new concept store with other existing store? I was told that this new concept store is the first in South East Asia and the second in Asia after Tokyo. The new store is more of a lifestyle store whereas The Body Shop wants their customer to get close to the nature of the brand hence the core ingredient displays on top of the shelves. The new store also offers its customers more space to try and test the products out.

The Body Shop KLCC New Store 2

The Body Shop KLCC New Store 3

The Body Shop KLCC New Store 4

The Body Shop KLCC New Store 5


Limited Edition Piñita Colada Collection

The Body Shop Pinita Colada 2
When Youtuber Zoella spoke about how much she love the Piñita Colada Body Sorbet, I knew I had to have it. Overall there are four products in the Piñita Colada collection – Shower Gel (RM35/250ml), Body Scrub (RM105/250ml), Body Sorbet (RM75/200ml), and Body Butter (RM35/50ml, RM89/200ml).

For someone who don’t drink at all, I am hooked with the Piñita Colada scent. The first thing someone would say when they heard that this collection is based on the Pina Colada drink is ‘I don’t like coconut smell’. Trust me, I don’t too but the entire Piñita Colada collection do not smell a bit coconut-y at all. In fact pineapple scent overpowering everything else. So yes, this is a sweet-smelling body care. I am not typically into sweet scent especially in my perfume but for body care, I don’t mind at all! My favourite would be…EVERYTHING! No kidding. But the most unique one I would say the Body Scrub. I was told that it contain real shredded coconut. Now, isn’t that something, eh?


Limited Edition Polynesian Island Tiaré Collection

The Body Shop Polynesian Island Tiaré 1
Another Limited Edition collection launch for Summer 2016 is the Polynesian Island Tiaré Collection. Comparing to the Piñita Colada collection, this one is so much different. If Piñita Colada is sweet, this Polynesian Island Tiaré Collection is floral. And the products in the collection are so much different too. The collection consists of five products – Shower Gel (RM55/250ml), Body Lotion (RM69/250ml), Fragrance Mist (RM65/100ml), EDT (RM119/50ml, RM169/100ml), and Body Cream (RM89/200ml).

If I were to describe the Polynesian Island Tiaré Collection, it would be that it is a warm floral scent. The EDT is quite fresh and light, enriched with The Body Shop Community Trade Alcohol from Brazil made from sugar cane. The beauty of tiaré flowers have been used by generations of Polynesian women to adorn their hair and perfume their sun kissed skin. So if you are not into sweet fruity scent, you will like this warm floral scent of Polynesian Island Tiaré Collection.


Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 PA++++

The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi Protection Essence SPF50
The most exciting launch for The Body Shop is this Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 PA++++ sunscreen. It is an addition of the Drops of Light skincare range. I have tried this at the store the other day and I have to agree that it really indeed feather light and non-sticky. It has the consistency of milk-to-water essence, comes with broad spectrum UV filters, red algae and antioxidant Vitamin C to brighten skin for a luminous complexion.

Head over to any of The Body Shop store near you to check out both the Piñita Colada collection and Polynesian Island Tiaré collection as well as the new Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF50 sunscreen. Best if you could visit the new concept store at Suria KLCC as it is the FIRST in South East Asia and the SECOND in Asia 😀 . Otherwise shopping online works just as fine 😉 . For more information and to shop online, please visit https://www.thebodyshop.com.my/ or follow The Body Shop Malaysia Facebook Page.


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