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Dr.Jart+ Dermask Spot Neck & Chin Lift: A Quick Fix To Have A Lifted Jawline

Dr.Jart+ Neck & Chin Lift 1
Many moons ago (hehe), Dr.Jart+ Malaysia asked if I would like to try their new specialized sheet mask line. I already knew the review will be delayed due to work schedule at that time but when I was ready to ripped the packaging off to try, my camera broke down. Last week I was more work-free so I took the new Dermask out to try. I was sent two different sheet mask – Neck & Chin Lift and Vital Hydra Solution. Now, we all already know how a hydrating sheet mask works so this time I decided to review something different – the Dr.Jart+ Dermask Spot Neck & Chin Lift. Also because I am so intrigued and interested with anything lifting 😀

Dr.Jart+ Neck & Chin Lift 2
The Neck & Chin Lift is a hydrogel patch type of facial mask. Understandably, you need the kind of mask that is not dripping with essence and also the type that adheres to your skin better to lift the skin. In a glance, this mask is a face lifting mask that gives you a smaller lower jawline. Interestingly, I find that this mask also claimed to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. If you’re into ingredients and what not, here it is!

Dr.Jart+ Neck & Chin Lift 3
I was expecting a huge piece of mask but not with Dr.Jart+ Dermask Spot Neck & Chin Lift. The shape is “elegantly” designed, much to my surprise. Very lady like I would say. It does not comes in two separate pieces but instead the jaw and the neck are joint together.

Dr.Jart+ Neck & Chin Lift 4
The pros and con with a joint mask like this is the application. If you ripped the film off altogether like me, you will find that the hydrogel sticks onto each other or everywhere. I would suggest that you take the top portion film off first, apply and then only proceed with the bottom portion. Do it part by part to be safe.

Initially I hooked one end of the mask to my ear first. The ear loop hole is so small that hooking it does not come easy. When I’m done, I tried to hook the other end but later on find that the mask is too short to reach the other ear. I had to take off the first ear loop, aim the mask at my chin to get a balance fitting before hooking each of the ear loop on. Again, this does not come easy as the overall length width of the mask is so small and short. Before you start screaming at the top of your lung, bear in mind these mask are designed to be a tad bit smaller so that your face will be small and firm up easier 😛

Dr.Jart+ Neck & Chin Lift 5
When I am done with the jaw portion of the mask *phew*, I moved on to sticking the hydrogel portion of the neck. When everything is on my face, moving around is limited. If I move my head too much, the neck piece will detach. So this mask actually forces you to stop moving around and even stop smiling.

Dr.Jart+ Neck & Chin Lift 6
The instruction on the back of the packaging said to leave the mask on for 30 minutes. I think I had it on for 40 minutes as I was working on my computer and forgot about the time. I was so relieved to be able to remove the mask from my face because at that time it has started to get a bit uncomfortable and tight. What I like about hydrogel mask is that I do not need any rinsing. So convenient.

As for the result, honestly I did not see any difference with the wrinkles on my neck. As for my face, I cannot tell at all by just looking in the mirror but the Before and After comparison photo showed me that it actually works a little bit.

Dr.Jart+ Neck & Chin Lift Before and After
I have tried other face lifting hydrogel mask before and this one is by far the most tightest and smallest. The Korean must have a very small face feature, eh? Is the result permanent? I would really want to say yes but no. The result does not last long. Depending on individual, the lifting may last one to two days perhaps? Mine lasted a day on me. If you want a long lasting lifting effect, you will need to use this constantly to re-lift the jawline again.


Dr.Jart+ Dermask Spot Neck & Chin Lift mask is available at Dr. Jart kiosk at Sunway Pyramid (next to Bourjois), SASA stores nationwide and Sephora stores / online stores.

Price: RM49 for a box of 2 pieces

Please visit Sephora MY or Dr.Jart+ Malaysia Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/drjartmalaysia for more information.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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