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innisfree’s 100 New My Cushion Cases Design Making Sure That No #inniFans Will Be Left Out

Innisfree My Cushion 1
In just about a week time the highly anticipated innisfree 100 new My Cushion Cases design will be hitting all innisfree Malaysia stores. With 100 new designs to choose from, no #inniFans will be left out. No matter how, you WILL be able to find a case that you fell in love at first sight. Trust me. I am a girl that 100% of the time goes ooohhhss and ahhhhss over pretty and cute stuff 😛

Within innisfree itself there are two cushion to choose from. Water Fit Cushion SPF34 PA++ that is infused with 100% organic green tea water for all day long moisturization and natural healthy glow and Long Wear Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ for a flawless, long-lasting, smooth and bright finished look all day long.

Innisfree My Cushion 2
The most exciting thing for me besides innisfree sending me two beautiful cases that screams Fiona all over, is that rather than the conventional air puff application for cushion product, innisfree also came out with a Cover Stamping Puff, which resembles a beauty blender and a Cushion Brush! How cool is that? We all know how cushion puff can be after a few usage as washing may ruin them so any alternative application tool brings joy to us the makeup lovers. I like the fact that innisfree put so much thought into the application method, covering both the beauty blender sponge-alike and brush advocates. I do not have much details on these two new tools yet but hopefully innisfree Malaysia will be rolling these out together with the 100 New My Cushion Cases next week 😉 . Another thing I like about innisfree cushion is that you can actually repurchase its air puff online and at their stores. Of all cushion brand available here in Malaysia, innisfree’s air puff has the most positive reviews. I heard it is the best among all 🙂

Innisfree My Cushion 3
How to choose which application tool to use? Easy. I have summarized all three for your easy reference.

  • Air Magic Puff – this puff fits in your case (of course) and is the easy, reliable tool to use for a quick natural look.
  • Cover Stamping Puff – if you are someone who like a full coverage, this applicator is the answer. It also gives the skin a smooth and flawless finish.
  • Cushion Brush – a purse-size angled kabuki retractable brush (phew! that’s long) that has fine textured brush bristles. Designed specially to fit and move around easily around the curves of the face.

Innisfree My Cushion 4
Here comes the good news <3

In conjunction with the launch of innisfree 100 New My Cushion Cases, when you purchase a cushion set consisting of a cushion base and a case, you will get to choose ANOTHER case from 40 selected designs for absolutely FREE. Offer starts from 16th August 2016 to 30th September 2016 😉

The whole set is RM80 while refills are retailing for RM49. Remember to head over to innisfree stores on 16th August 2016 to see all 100 New My Cushion Cases. You will surely find one (or two or three) that fits your style 🙂


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