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KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil: A 1.5mm Tip Gel Eyeliner Pencil That Are The Easiest To Use, Ever

KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 1
I go through phases with eyeliner. One week I’m into winged eyeliner look, one week I’m into smokey eyeliner look, another week I can be spotted with colorful winged eyeliner. Lately it is all about no eyeliner but looking as if I had eyeliner on. The key to that is smoking out gel eyeliner. I have teary eyes therefore gel eyeliner as regular winged eyeliner does not work for me. So I used gel eyeliner to tight line and to line my water line. And KATE Tokyo launched one of the most exciting gel eyeliner last week. Say hello to the long awaited 1.5mm Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 😀

Gel eyeliner can be a hit and miss. But they also work differently on each individual. In another word, what may not work for me may work marvellously on you. Why I’m so excited with KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil? Thanks to Youtube, I have been hearing so many good things about the Hourglass 1.5mm eyeliner pencil. To be able to get my hands on a 1.5mm eyeliner pencil is a dream come true for me.

KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 2
Now, Sharp Lock Gel Pencil is a rich gel eyeliner with super fine 1.5mm tip. It has intense pigmentation comparing to the previous gel eyeliner and I can tell you KATE Tokyo do not lie on that. The one I have is High Black and it is super black.

KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 3
I was really excited to see how 1.5mm looks like. Boy it is really, REALLY slim. Because the tip is so slim and the pigmentation is so rich, drawing on a line on the upper lash line is an easy chore. The most easiest I have done I would say. With gel eyeliner, I like to line my upper lash line first and smudge it with a brush to smoke it out. The 1.5mm tip works well in creating a precise line. I have not tried doing a wing with this so I cannot comment much about that.

KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 6
I find that it sets quite fast if I were to line both eyes first before smudging them so personally I prefer to line and smudge one eye at a time. Sharp Lock Gel Pencil glides on smoothly on the lid without any tugging or what so ever but because this is a gel pencil, the product crumbles a little bit when it hit the lashes so do expect some fallout on your face. I like the intense black payoff as I do not need to go over the lash line again and again to get the intensity I want. And because it is so black, I only need to lightly run the pencil over the lash line. This defines the meaning of effortless.

KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 7
If you are into lining the water line, YOU NEED THIS PENCIL IN YOUR LIFE. I could never line my upper water line without flipping my eye lid with another finger. This Sharp Lock Gel Pencil has such a slim tip that all I need to do is to tilt my head back a little and run the pencil over the water line. I could never do this before. Ever.

However, I find that it takes a lot of twist on the pencil to get more product out. For some reason the product comes out so slow and so little. I need to retrieve the product a few times during application because there are so little amount of product on the tip despite several twists.

KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil 8
KATE Tokyo claimed that their new Sharp Lock Gel Pencil is waterproof and repels sweat, water and tears. When I read tears, I was intrigued. I have a teary right eye which melts away most of the eye makeup on the outer of my eyes. I am happy to report that this eyeliner stays on my eye lid regardless how my eyes teared. Not bad. Not too bad at all. In fact I was so happy with this eyeliner that I went back to Mid Valley Centre Court roadshow to buy another back up as it was on 10% discount 😀


KATE Tokyo Sharp Lock Gel Pencil is now available at all Watsons stores nationwide.

Price: RM47. Comes in BK-1 High Black and BR-1 Brown.

For more information, please visit KATE Tokyo website and KATE Malaysia Facebook page.


Disclaimer: Product was a door gift from media launch event. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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