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REALASH Brow Conditioner and Eyelash Enhancer: One Month Update

Realash Brow Conditioner and Eyelash Enhancer 1
Apologies for the lack of product review lately as both my main and spare camera crap out on me at the same time. Needless to say both the naughty ones was admitted to the ICU. One came out certified (spare camera) and another (main camera) took unexpectedly longer time to fix than what I was told initially. I have to call to check on the status and they sorta rush it out for me. I did not want to rush them just in case they simply fix it for me but I was told they are 80% done with the repair and a few extra days was needed to finish the repair. I am finally able to pick up my camera yesterday 🙂

A month ago, I did a first impression on the REALASH Eyelash Enhancer and Brow Conditioner and I mentioned that I will be back with a full review together with the before and after photo comparison after one month. So here I am!

Realash Brow Conditioner and Eyelash Enhancer 2


REALASH Brow Conditioner (RM170 / 4ml)

Realash Brow Conditioner
Undeniably, brow related products are getting more and more in-trend these days. It is well accepted especially for those who are not blessed with bushy brows aka yours truly 😛 . I remember my brows are not like this when I was younger. Thanks to self-brow plucking and what not, I ended up with lesser brow hair. I also believe that the brow embroidery I had many years ago sort of stopped the brow reproduction. I am not kidding!

REALASH Brow Conditioner may be your answer if you are in the same situation as me. This product’s advanced formula are formulated to stimulate the natural growth of brows and later on improves their overall look. It does not have any funky scent. You are to use Brow Conditioner every night before going to sleep for 8 to 12 weeks if you want to see results. Honestly speaking, I am not diligent with my nightly application. Sometimes I forgot even though I had the product in front of me. Sometimes I am just too tired. Comparing to Eyelash Enhancer which I have seen growth, I thought this Brow Conditioner did not do anything for me as I did not see any result from it. But I continue to apply till today as I am not someone who will waste product given. Then, this happened.

I did a Before and After photo and I was VERY IMPRESSED! My brows are definitely bushier with empty spaces now filled with brow hair, especially the left (your right) brow, and most definitely more darker! If you think Brow Conditioner is a waste of money, think again. It works. I am still shocked as I am typing this out *shock face*

Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme Global Anti-Aging Eye Balm Before and After


REALASH Eyelash Enhancer (RM190 / 3ml)

Realash Eyelash Enhancer
Eyelash Enhancer on another hand is a product that I have been dying to try. I have always wanted to do something with my lashes as I am a mascara addict. I cannot leave the house without any mascara. My eyelash goes through phases. Sometimes they are strong, sometimes they broke, sometimes they dropped. Sometimes they curl like a breeze, sometimes they are so stubborn they do not bow down to eyelash curler. Not even Shu Uemura one.

Research shown that our eyelashes growth phase lasts about 30 days give and take. REALASH advanced formula is like a booster serum to help accelerates natural lash growth and strengthens them at the roots for a longer, healthier-looking and conditioned lashes. Results can be seen as early as 14 days too. Recently I have not had any issue with my eyelashes. I give the credit to this REALASH Eyelash Enhancer. The first positive sign I knew Eyelash Enhancer works was when my eyelashes curl in a much lesser effort. Then there was no fallout no matter how hard I rub my eyes or remove stubborn waterproof mascara. That was before I have seen any growth. By the time I hit mid of 2nd week, I notice how long my lashes are. It was starting to poke on my sunglasses 😀 . I have decided to not do a naked eyelashes Before and After comparison because I want you to see how spectacular REALASH Eyelash Enhancer has been on me. So here is my eyelashes with mascara on. Both photos are with the same mascara. Nothing new, nothing special. Everything the same except that the Before was taken more than a month ago. See how long they are?

Realash Brow Conditioner and Eyelash Enhancer After 1 Month
I highly HIGHLY recommended REALASH to anyone who want to accelerate the growth of their brows or eyelashes. I already knew REALASH Eyelash Enhancer works like a magic but what I did not expect is that Brow Conditioner really does what it claimed to despite personally not seeing any results day by day. That could be because I look at my own brows everyday hence the overlook. Picture never lies 🙂


REALASH Brow Conditioner and Eyelash Enhancer is available at selected beauty salons and on REALASH Malaysia online store.

+ Brow Conditioner – RM170
+ Eyelash Enhancer – RM190

For more information, please visit REALASH Malaysia Official Website or Facebook Page.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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  • I see obvious result on your eyelashes!! Long and beautiful~

    • Yes! Makes me soooo happy. Sometimes when I have time to layer on mascara, it is even more intense hehe


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