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Match Your Style With Your Cushion Foundation at innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 1
innisfree threw one of the best road show event ever. Their first if you still remember was the “Journey of The Green Tea Seed Serum”, which was held at Pavilion in April 2016 and it was a HUGE success. This time, innisfree is back with another successful road show event – My Cushion Pop-Up Store for the highly anticipated My Cushion. Last month I shared with you the exciting news that innisfree brought in 100 new My Cushion Cases design, together with two new applicator – Stamping Puff and Cushion Brush. The promotion was a hit (still is a hit) and innisfree brought it to another level with this My Cushion Pop-Up Store.

Why 100 new cases? Simple. Everyone style and preference are unique to them, and different from everyone else. My Cushion is actually innisfree’s first customizable cushion foundation that allows you to match it to your style. I bet you didn’t know that, because I didnt too!  The pop-up store will be at Sunway Pyramid, LG2 Orange Concourse from 16th September to 20th September 2016. That’s next Tuesday and that is also why I churned out a blog post on Sunday 😛 . You’re welcome 😛

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 2
When I reached the pop-up store. I was a little bit lost. Overwhelming I would say as it occupied the entire Concourse Floor. Don’t worry. There will be lots of assistance if you need any. Just ask around. But if you prefer to do all the exploration yourself, then read on! I will be guiding you on how to go about the pop-up store.


The Gallery

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 3
This is where you will be educated a bit on My Cushion. It has the simplest pictorial ever. Easy to understand with just looking at the pictures. This Gallery will prep you later on how to choose your base, case, and applicator. Yes! You get to choose all that according to your preference!

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 4

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 5


The Tunnel

The end of The Gallery will lead you to this space called The Tunnel. Basically all the 100 new case design will be projected on the huge horizontal wall. Hint: It makes a darn good Boomerang photo background 😉

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 6


The Experience

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 7
The end of The Tunnel will lead you to The Experience table. Girls with brightly lid large mirror AND lots of makeup to play with, who don’t like! I do! If you are new to innisfree My Cushion, this is where you get to try out the type of cushion suits your skin i.e. Water Fit Cushion or Long Wear Cover Cushion (RM52), the shades closest to your skin tone, and lastly trying out all the applicator i.e. Air Magic Puff (RM9), Stamping Puff (RM23) or Cushion Brush (RM45). I find the applicator part to be very unique as no other BB Cushion or Cushion Foundation offers different tools than the typical rubbery puff. So do try out and find that ideal finishing suits your skin. And lastly, of course is to choose your cushion case (RM33). There are 100 designs and colours to choose from 😀

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 8
Once you are done with all that, you can start to create your My Cushion by filling in the simple form given all around the pop-up store. If you did not have any, feel free to ask from any of the friendly staff around.

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 9
The best part of all? You get to see upclose and personal ALL 100 new My Cushion case design. I was told many stood in front of these cases for minimum half an hour. I did not want to be one of them so I had my eyes fix on one and that’s it. No more looking lol 😀 . Okay. I lied. I went back and stood for 5 minutes staring at the cases so that I won’t regret my decision later on haha!!

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 10

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 11
As I mentioned on my announcement post last month, in conjunction with the launch of innisfree 100 New My Cushion Cases, when you purchase a cushion set consisting of a cushion base and a case, you will get to choose ANOTHER case from 40 selected designs for absolutely FREE. That promotion is still on-going until 30th September 2016 and it is also valid at this My Cushion Pop-Up Store. That is not all. An additional token will entitle you to take part in the My Lucky Drop game whereas you will get a chance to walk away with either a Limited Edition My Cushion Mirror or My Cushion Puff. Mind you the puff are printed with the new case design on it and it is not available for sale 🙁 . I would want one to match my cushion case 🙁

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 12

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 13

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 14
Remember, My Cushion Pop-Up Store is at Sunway Pyramid, LG2 Orange Concourse until 20th September 2016 (Tuesday). For more information on My Cushion, please visit http://innisfreemalaysia.com/mystylemycushion/ or you may visit innisfree Malaysia Website/Online Store, Facebook, and Instagram.

Product Price Reference
– Long Wear Cover Cushion SPF50+ PA+++ / Water Fit Cushion SPF34 PA++ – RM52
– Air Magic Puff – Glow / Air Magic Puff – Fitting – RM9
– Stamping Puff – RM23
– Cushion Brush – RM45
– Cushion Case – RM33

Innisfree My Cushion Pop-Up Store 15


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