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Batiste Dry Shampoo Reintroduced and Launched Officially!

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I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t Batiste Dry Shampoo already available in Malaysia? Yes. It is already in the Malaysia market since two years ago I believe but there was no launch done and no marketing done. Zero product exposure except for a few of us who has been using Batiste and been talking about it on the blog and even on social media channels. Even the stocks are insufficient and I find myself constantly hunting for it. It is getting so tiring trying to find Batiste and I am SO GLAD that a huge company such as DKSH took over Malaysia distributorship. That means consumers will not need to run around the town, supermarket to supermarket like a headless chicken hunting for it.

I do not need to do much introduction or hard selling because I have reviewed Batiste before. If you missed it, here is the link to the review with a complete before and after photo. How about that! 😀

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A lot of people are still unsure what dry shampoo is for and why do some people uses them. Batiste has been UK’s number one dry shampoo brand for over 30 years. There are others in the market but I always go back to Batiste. In short, dry shampoo is a quick fix in between washes. For example I wash my hair every evening and in the morning I would have oily scalp. So in order to remove the oil on the scalp and to freshen my hair, I would use Batiste dry shampoo. It contain rice starch that works by absorbing the oil up.

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There are a lot of products and varieties under Batiste but Malaysia only carries five ranges at the moment.

  • Floral & Flirty – Blush: This is my 3rd favourite scent of all. It comes with floral scent, which can be a little too heavy on some people. This is also Batiste’s best-seller scent.
  • Fruity & Cheeky – Cherry: Cherry scent has quickly become my number #1 favourite, pushing Blush back. It has a bit of a sweet, fun scent. The scent is quite pleasant and most people I know love this scent too.
  • Clean & Classic – Original: While Cherry is my top favourite, Original scent happens to be my 2nd favourite. It does not contain any scent. Just a classic clean and fresh scent.
  • A Hint of Colour – Divine Dark: And if you are afraid of getting white residue on the hair, this is a dark tinted dry shampoo and I believe it wasn’t available before.
  • Show Stopping – Heavenly Volume: If hair volume is your concern, then this 2-in-1 dry shampoo is your answer. Not only it freshen up your hair, it also give you the volume more than normal dry shampoo.


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Batiste Dry Shampoo are available exclusively at all Guardian pharmacies nationwide.

+ Original, Blush and Cherry are available in two sizes – 50ml for RM10 and 200ml for RM31.70
+ Divine Dark and Heavenly Volume only available in one size – 200ml for RM31.70

For more information, please visit Official Batiste Malaysia Facebook Page.


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  • This is great for those forced not to wash hair during confinement after childbirths!!

    • Totally agreed. And also suitable for those who have oily scalp. I’m using this every day on next day hair before I go out. It also gave my hair some volume, which I like 😉


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