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Latest iHerb Haul & Black Friday 2016 Promos

iHerb Haul Black Friday 1
Last week was the EcoTools 20% OFF weekly promotion deal on iHerb and I have to get something. Picking what I want to buy and checking out this time around is so much faster and easier. No idea why. Probably because I have not been hauling anything from iHerb for the past few months. One thing for sure is that I am itching to get something from iHerb for quite some time. I also notice that their weekly promotion for beauty brands has slowed down for quite a bit. So when I stumbled upon one, it is shopping time.

I have been eyeing on 20% OFF promotion for ELF Cosmetics, EcoTools and Real Techniques for so many months. Although it is just EcoTools, I did include some ELF stuff into my shopping cart as it is really not that expensive to wait. Why wait? JUST GET IT lol! I have been getting so many questions on what type of shipping I would go for. I talked about this so many times. I am someone who cannot wait weeks for any parcel to arrive so I would pay for DHL Express. Shipping method is a personal preference. I cannot stress this enough. It is entirely up to you. If you can wait, take the cheaper one. If you cannot wait like me, take the DHL Express. Simple.

DHL Express rate now is RM53.33. The rate will drop to RM35.55 if your total purchase is RM177.76 and above. Do not ask me why the odd numbers. Ask iHerb! They set it, not me. So naturally I have to fill my cart to more than RM178 in order to pay for a lower shipping AND faster as well. As usual, here is the parcel status. Comparing to the first time I placed my order from iherb where my parcel went half the globe (sorta) before arriving Malaysia, this time around it only went to Singapore.

iHerb Haul Black Friday 7
Total of my purchase was RM200.68. But because some of the items are bulky, I paid RM38.83 for shipping. Not too bad. It is still below RM40. The main purchase was EcoTools. I saw that they have makeup brush shampoo and I desperately needed some as Daiso everywhere in Malaysia ran out of stock for their sponge cleanser. And my Real Techniques one are finishing soon. That one is a crap so let’s pray these EcoTools Makeup Brush Shampoo (RM35.02) are better. I bought two because there are additional 5% if you purchase two and above. Why not 🙂

I also got the EcoTools Makeup Brush Cleansing Cloth (RM30.63) as I never seen anything like that before and I was intrigued. I thought this would be good for spot cleaning. I have used it once. So far so good. Not too wet and so convenient.

Then, I included EcoTools Flat Eyeliner Brush (RM17.49) into my cart as I wanted another flat eyeliner brush to apply eyeshadow onto my bottom lashes. I go through phases with brushes and the current phase is using flat eyeliner for bottom lashes 😀 . I was thinking to get the one from H&M and it is much more expensive that EcoTools 😉

iHerb Haul Black Friday 2
Initially I wanted to wait for ELF Cosmetics weekly promotion but since I needed to fill my cart to more than RM178, I bought a few ELF products that I have been hearing nothing but good reviews. ELF Makeup Remover Cleansing Clothes (RM13.15) was raved by beauty Youtuber such as Jkissa and more. And they are quite cheap comparing to those I can get from local drugstore. Again, if you buy more than two you would get extra 5% OFF. So I bought two. No surprise here 😀

I cannot recall which Youtuber talk about the ELF Contour Brush (RM13.15) and I have one from many many years ago when the brush handle are in white color back then. I love that brush so much and I have always been wanting to get more. I have too many brushes at home so I only bought one. I thought I could get more of it next time with the 20% OFF promotion. One is enough at the moment 🙂

iHerb Haul Black Friday 3
I am so happy when iHerb carries a little bit of Yes To range. I hope they carry more. Yes To facial wipes are the most raved wipes I have ever read. I do not really remove my makeup with wipes and this is only for the lazy days or for light makeup days so I bought just one to try. The one I wanted the most is Blueberries range but they do not have it. So I bought Yes To Cucumbers Soothing Hypoallergenic Facial Wipes (RM28.97). For someone who do not use wipes to remove makeup, I sure do haul quite a lot of wipes in this haul LOL.

iHerb Haul Black Friday 4
Now onto snacks. Once in a blue moon I like to include some snacks into my beauty haul. iHerb is also known for their snacks. I mean it. Even Shaaanxo bought this Garden of Eatin Blue Chips (RM23.53/453g) from iHerb. If Shaaanxo said it is good, it must be good. I needed to fill my cart to a certain amount and so I bought this blue chips. There are two sizes for this chips – 229g and 453g. Of course I took the big pack. What if it is REALLY GOOD and I needed more? Heck I am not paying so much shipping for chips! So big pack it is lol! I do not usually spend on junk food. This is my first time.

iHerb Haul Black Friday 5
This one is impulsive purchase. So cute, I cannot. I have heard so much about the cheddar cheese version. I bought the Annie’s Homegrown Bunny Grahams Friends Honey, Chocolate and Chocolate Chips (RM18.32) instead as chocolate is my favourite flavour. Plus inside it comes with three flavours. Who says adult cannot have this? It is really just a bite size snacks 😉 . It is organic as well.

iHerb Haul Black Friday 6


Black Friday 2016 Sale

iHerb had just emailed out their Black Friday promotion yesterday which will end next Wednesday that I thought you might be interested.

Current iHerb Customers
Receive a 10% discount in the shopping cart for orders over $40.00, by using promo code GREENFRIDAY. Or 15% for weekly specials on Bath & Beauty, Sports & select coconut items.

New iHerb Customers
10% off first iHerb order. You are able to combine the first time discount ($5 OFF) with promo code GREENFRIDAY and get as much as 20% off across the board.

I have tried the promo and the discount are auto-deducted in the shopping card, even without me entering the code lol. However this 10% discount code may not be combined with other online discounts such as the weekly special promotion.

You may use my code RKZ742 to get $5 OFF first purchase ? . iHerb also introduced credit rebate upon purchase where you will get a certain amount of rebate back into your account (expires in 60 days) after each order placed. And many more deals and offers!

Happy Black Friday shopping girls!


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  • Hi there,what a haul…
    Loving the eco tools flat liner brush for smudging my eyeliner,i prefer this brush over zoeva smudge brush..

    • Oh! I’ve never try using flat liner brush to smudge eyeliner. Usually I used a smudge brush 🙂


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