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3 Things You Didn’t Know About Laneige’s New Boutique at Pavilion Elite

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Whenever I go to a store or boutique launch, I just go. I don’t think much. But Laneige’s new boutique at Pavilion Elite had so many people asking me “what’s the difference between this one with others?”. Then it got me thinking. Yeah, so what’s the difference with the Pavilion Elite boutique compared with other Laneige boutiques? As it is not Laneige Malaysia’s first boutique in Malaysia, it definitely triggers some curiosity and also because the latest boutique is located at Pavilion Elite, it triggers even more curiosity.

So I asked around while at the launch. The best answers are from Foong Winnie, Brand General Manager of Laneige Malaysia. This time, rather than bringing you around the boutique for an in-depth tour like I always do, I am going to do something different. This is the 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Laneige’s New Boutique at Pavilion Elite 😀

1. It’s at Pavilion Elite, not Parkson Elite

Many people are confused between Pavilion Elite with Parkson Elite. I mean who doesn’t? They are both at the same mall, both starts with the letter P and ends with the word Elite. Laneige’s new boutique is a whole store, not a beauty counter therefore it is definitely NOT at Parkson Elite. It is located at a section called Pavilion Elite, just a few steps away from Ippudo at Level 4. Pavilion Elite housed some of South East Asia’s biggest brands and new concept stores.


2. Exclusive Travel-Ready Beauty Essentials

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If you asked, why must you go all the way to Pavilion Elite to get your hands on Laneige? Well, that is because this particular Laneige boutique carries exclusive travel-ready beauty essentials, besides all the full range of skincare and makeup.

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Among the exclusive travel-ready beauty essentials are three new boutique-exclusive products such as Laneige Travel Kit, Scented Card and Water Pocket Sheet Mask.

Laneige Travel Kit (RM82 per pack) – The kit comes in colorful, travel-sized packaging that are available in three variants such as Catch Me – Homme Active Water Care, Pick Me – Light Care and Bring Me – Moisture Care. Each kit comes with a colorful DIY stickers except for Homme alongside four skincare essentials.

Laneige Scented Card (RM62 per box) – Scented Card is a portable diffuser that contains Laneige’s exclusive Sleepscent that can be used to freshen up any area or to help you relax. It is available in three fragrances such as Lavender, Cotton and Eucalyptus. Each box comes with five cards.

Laneige Water Pocket Sheet Mask (RM11 each) – Not just an ordinary mask, each Water Pocket Sheet Mask has all the benefits from Laneige’s best skincare. The uniqueness is that it condenses key ingredients from seven of Laneige’s skincare lines, all into one sheet mask. It is best to be used first before Laneige Sleeping Mask. Overall, it comes in seven variants such as Skin Relief (Soothing), White Plus Renew (Whitening), Sparkling Water (Brightening), Water Bank (Moisturizing), Water Sleeping Mask (Special), Time Freeze (Face-Fit), and Clear C (Anti-Oxidant).

Laneige Sleeping Ball (price ranges from RM6 to RM13 each) – Sleeping Ball is a sleeping mask in a capsule form. It is a travel-sized sleeping mask and available in six variants such as Water Sleeping Ball, Firming Sleeping Ball, Whitening Sleeping Ball, Homme Sleeping Ball, Hand Sleeping Ball, and Foot Sleeping Ball.

Laneige Water Science Mist (RM79) – Water Science Mist is a face mist for all day, anytime, anywhere use to keep the skin’s moisture balanced. Available in seven formula such as Skin Relief (Soothing), White Plus Renew (Whitening), Sparkling Water (Brightening), Water Bank (Moisturizing), Water Sleeping Mask (Mist Pack), Time Freeze (Face-Fit), and Clear C (Anti-Oxidant).

Laneige Lip Card (RM7 each) – One last item within the exclusive travel-ready beauty essential range is the Lip Card. This wallet-sized lip product is ideal for those who are always on the go and who enjoys changing lip color throughout the day. Not just when you travel but on day-to-day basis. Lip Card comes in 20 colours. You will find at least a few shades that suits your need.

Laneige Pavilion Elite 4


3. It’s not a flagship boutique, nor the biggest boutique

The most tricky question of all is, why is this boutique so special? I was told that it is not the first, not a flagship or the biggest boutique. It is the first boutique that Laneige Malaysia had an official opening event. So there you go! Voila! Now you know 😀


Now that we are done with the 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Laneige’s New Boutique at Pavilion Elite, here’s a quick glimpse of the new Laneige Boutique at Pavilion Elite.

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Laneige Pavilion Elite 8

Laneige Pavilion Elite 9

Laneige Pavilion Elite 10

Laneige Pavilion Elite 11

Laneige Pavilion Elite 12

Laneige Pavilion Elite 13

Laneige Pavilion Elite 14

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For more information on Laneige, please visit Laneige Malaysia Website, Facebook Page, or Instagram.


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  • The travel kits are a handy idea. I like this brand.

    • Very handy indeed. I like the bright packaging. So different from the usual Laneige 🙂


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