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Get Immediate Skin Benefit on Any Skin Condition with a Few Drops of Clarins Booster Energy, Repair or Detox

Clarins Booster Energy, Repair & Detox 1
While everyone is coming out with first serum or pre-serum or pre-essence, Clarins came out with something that are called as Boosters, which is a skin booster serum for that immediate boost kick to your skin regardless what is your skin condition in just a few drops.

When I reached to the press launch, I was told to fill up a simple questionnaire form. This form is to determine what lifestyle I have and which Booster is suitable for me. That is because everyone lived in a totally different lifestyle and whatever lifestyle we had can affect our skin condition. I am pretty sure all of us are fatigue from staying up late or lack of sleek. Frequent travellers would have weakened skin due to the change of climate or if you are a party animal, you bound to suffer from congested skin as well. No matter what skin condition you are having, Clarins have these three Boosters – Booster Energy, Booster Repair and Booster Detox to boost your skin condition and to help your skin to regain its healthy look again.


Booter Energy (RM190 / 15ml)

Clarins Booster Energy
This orange bottle is Booster Energy. It matches the color doesn’t it? Booster Energy is for Fatigue Skin that runs out of energy. The energizing serum in it helps to retone and re-energized the skin while minimizes the signs of fatigue and revive its radiance all together. It contain highly concentrated formula that is enriched with ginseng extract, which is known for its stimulating properties. Chinese utilizes ginseng a lot for that burst of energy boost so it makes sense to me that Booster Energy also adapted ginseng extract.


Booster Repair (RM190 / 15ml)

Clarins Booster Repair
Booster Repair is for the extreme ones. It is made for Weakened Skin that constantly feeling discomfort on their skin. It is a repairing serum that helps to reduces the sensation of discomfort, optimizes the skin strength and minimizes the appearance of redness. It containts ultra-concentrated formula that are enriched with mimosa enuiflora extract, which are widely know for its repairing properties.


Booster Detox (RM190 , 15ml)

Clarins Booster Detox
The Booster Detox is the one I forsee being the best-seller and a hit among the three. It is especially made for Congested Skin that can no longer breathe. As the name suggests, it is a detox serum to revives radiance of a dull complexion, detoxifies and them plumps the skin at the same time. It has ultra-concentrated formula as well that are enriched with green coffee extract, which is widely know AND used for its detoxifying benefits. If we can use green coffee for body slimming, we can too use the same for face detox 🙂

Clarins Booster Energy, Repair & Detox 2
What’s interesting with these cheeky little monkeys are the small handy bottle. To incorporate it into your skincare, simply just press the bottom base to dispense 3 to 5 drops of Booster onto the palm and mix with your regular face serums, creams or even masks. It is perfectly safe to be used for any time you want when your skin needed that kick. By any time I meant together with your skincare routine, NOT to be reapplied throughout the day as and when you like. One thing you have to know is that Boosters WILL NOT DO ANYTHING on its own. It has to be mixed into a skincare product.

It bascially are colorless and also scentless (I think), if I am not mistaken. I did tried to take a sniff and it was without any scent. You hardly will feel any extra heaviness when used together with your skincare products.

Clarins Booster Repair 2

Clarins Booster Energy, Repair & Detox 3
So which one would you go for? My questionnaire result came back revealing that my skin are in need of Booster Energy. That is for fatigue skin 😛


Clarins Booster Energy, Repair and Detox now available at all Clarins counter and Skin Spa nationwide.

Price: RM190 for 15ml

Website and Online Store:

For more information, please visit Clarins Malaysia Facebook Page or Clarins Malaysia Instagram for more updates.


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