The Story of Scent Maker and Its Fragrances

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Every brand has a story, every perfumer behind a fragrance has a story. Even every scent has a story. And Scent Maker is all about translating what the perfumer feels and went through in life to a new fragrance scent. Scent Maker is about the story of the perfumer. To the perfumer, each scent is a chapter to a new journey. He stores all the scent memories that he picked up in his mind. As time goes by, he begins to translate these scents into fragrances. It is an olfactive language that makes people reacts to him according to how he want it to be through scents. People react based on the scents that he chooses and how he chooses them to experience them, while the memories and emotions that develop from experiences define him. Every Scent Maker fragrance is the perfumer’s representatives of a journey, memory and a story.

That, is what Scent Maker fragrances is all about.

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Crazy Love (EDP – RM180 / 50ml or RM290 / 100ml)

“To this very special person, it was a beautiful moment filled with happiness. The journey we spent together could not be expressed through words.
The creation of this juice reminds me of the happiness, the hugs and you.”

The perfume Crazy Love was created when the perfumer was deeply in love. He appreciate all the beautiful moments he spent with this special person. All his feelings and emotions…everything are translated into this fragrance.

Top Notes – Rose and Bergamot to deliver the floral sweetness, while citrus for the hint of freshness.
Heart Notes – Peppers and Spicy Cinnamon were used as a unique link to achieve a blissful Base Note.
Base Notes – Musk is added to maintain the seductive and addictive finish.

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Special Blend Limited Edition Laurel (EDP – RM180 / 50ml or RM290 / 100ml)

“The creation of this juice is a tribute to all of our parents and our guardians, as they take on the role to care in their phase within the natural circle of life.
And when we lose them, we tend to forget that we too, are about to replace them, and to continue guarding our loved ones.”

Every month, Scent Maker will hunt and take all the fresh natural ingredients to make into a special blend of limited edition scents. It is so limited that there are only about 200 bottles worldwide. Laurel, which is a scent that I like a lot is a scent of hope.

Top Notes – Combining Citrus Fruits with Bergamot and Lime.
Heart Notes – A precise measured drops of Pure Rose and Jasmine.
Base Notes – The use of Sandalwood and Musk to maintain an oriental touch and to create an enticing seduction scent.


Scent Maker fragrances is available at Parkson Pavilion, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Maju Junction and Parkson IOI City Mall.

Price: EDP 50ml – RM180 / EDP 100ml – RM290

For more information, please visit Scent Maker Website or follow Scent Maker Facebook.


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