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3 Things You Should Know About Lancôme Malaysia First Boutique at The Gardens Mall

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There is indeed a shift in the beauty industry lately that more and more luxury counter brands started to open their standalone store, or also known as boutiques. Just very recently, Lancôme Malaysia opened their first boutique prominently located at The Gardens Mall. I was invited to the boutique to check the store out and for a little pampering session to try out the new boutique’s personalized beauty services. While I was there, I discovered a few things that I thought you might be interested to know. Here are the 3 Things You Should Know About Lancôme Malaysia First Boutique at The Gardens Mall.

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1. Anyone Can and Are Welcome to Walk-In for a Parisian Moment Beauty Service

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Anytime, if you are at The Gardens Mall and you need a refreshing beauty touch-ups or simply just to relax before continuing your shopping adventure, you can and are welcome to walk-in to Lancôme boutique for a quick personalized beauty service. It can be an eye massage, a makeup touch-up, a fix on the lipstick and many more. Lancôme wants you to feel like you are at home when you are at their boutique.

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2. Feeling Datin-y? What About Getting Your Consultation in The Absolue Private Room?

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For the ladies who are feeling a little Datin-y for the day #taitaislife, especially for Lancôme Absolue customers, you may opt to have your consultation in the VIP private room. The room fits two person at one time and let me just tell you it is quite a treat to be able to have your little pampering and consultation in the beautiful gold room, minus the eyes and stress from strangers within the boutique area 😀

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3. Have Your Purchases Wrap and It’s Christmas All Over Again

I don’t know about you but there is something about gift wrapping counter and I like it. At Lancôme boutique, you can have your purchases wrapped up as gifts. What is more happy than receiving a gift wrapped up with Lancôme ribbons, eh?

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Now that I have told your 3 little secrets about the new Lancôme boutique at The Gardens Mall, let’s take a walk around the huge and spacious boutique shall we?

As the boutique is at a corner lot, you will find two entrances. Both entrances has beauty makeover stations in front.

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Everything are very well-categorized. Such as the skincare section/table, which is creatively decorated with Génifique bottles along the vertical, resembling a water-music fountain.

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The makeup tables are my favourite. Everything is within arm reach, every lipstick shade, every blushes. Wish and you shall get.

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The overall boutique are inspired by quaint Parisian apartments. What I like about the boutique is how bright it is, thanks to the LED wall screens.

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Oh and be on the lookout for affordable gift sets as well. I was there before Christmas and all the gift sets are well-displayed at the main entrance. Gift sets are usually cheaper and packaged with other products as well, making the value higher than buying the singles 😀 . It is also the best way to try out a certain product, without breaking the bank.

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Lancôme boutique at The Gardens Mall is located at Lot No F-223A, First Floor, right in front of the escalator and in front of the interlink bridge to Mid Valley Mall. It is hard to miss as the boutique is huge and located at a corner lot.

For more information, please visit Lancôme Malaysia Website or Facebook Page.


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