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Battle of The Hada Labo Whitening Water Gel and Lifting + Firming 3D Perfect Gel

Hada Labo Gel Battle 1
What do you do when Hada Labo released two different gel close at the same time? You do THE BATTLE OF THE HADA LABO GEL of course! 😀 . Rather than the usual one by one product talk-through and making your life harder referring to different pages on which gel to get, I thought why not combine two of the gel and show you what is the difference? This way you will get a clearer idea on which gel to get that is suitable for your skin need 😉



Hada Labo Gel Battle 2
(Blue) Whitening Water Gel – This gel provides 3 times brightening benefits. It is infused with multiple intensive brightening ingredients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin B3 and Carnosine. All this ingredients promises a luminous, fair and translucent skin with natural radiance with 3 brightening action – Anti-Redness, Anti-Dark Spots and Anti-Dullness.
Formulated with High Performance Penetrating and Deep Moisturizing (HPP&M) Technology, this Whitening Water Gel are also infused with 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid, just like every other Hada Labo products, which includes Large size, Medium Size, Super and Nano HA. Additional to that, there is a Aqua Oil Volume Matrix Technology, which is a 3D moisturizing System to help to form a moisture protecting shield on the skin surface to keep the skin hydrated at all times.

(Red) Lifting + Firming 3D Perfect Gel – This gel on another hand is a multifunctional 5-in-1 moisturizer to help life and define the skin’s 3D contoured appearance for more sculpted look. 5-in-1 means it is a cream, milk, essence, emulsion and sleeping mask for skin nourishing and skin aging repairing. This new 3D Perfect Gel comes with a unique restoration gel texture. It is formulated with 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid + Sacran. What this gel does is that it hydrates the skin deeply from the surface to inner skin to give the skin intense hydration and it also contains 3D Hyaluronic Acids, which is an advanced generation of interlocked Hyaluronic Acid structure that instantly replenishes and boost the skin with deep hydration and locks in long lasting moisture. As this is also an anti-aging focused product, it contains Retinol Vitamin A to promote skin elasticity and to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles for overall skin smoothness. In addition, Hydrolyzed Collagen to lift and define the skin’s 3D contoured appearance are added in. Other aging skin issues such as age spots and uneven skin tone are repaired and lightened with Resveratrol Extract, a powerful anti-oxidant from red wine.



Hada Labo Gel Battle 3
(Blue) Whitening Water Gel – Whitening Water Gel is only 50g. The jar is significantly smaller but heavier due to the gel structure. The cap is white as opposed to the blue jar.

(Red) Lifting + Firming 3D Perfect Gel – This one on the other hand is a 100g product. The jar is of course larger in size but not that much. Having 100% more content than the other gel, it is somehow lighter due to the gel structure, which you will see in the next paragraph.


Texture and Scent

Hada Labo Gel Battle 4
(Blue) Whitening Water Gel – Between the two, this gel smells more refreshing and more pleasant on the nose. The gel has a light blue color from the jar but goes on the skin translucent. It has an ultralight watery texture which will absorbed into the skin in no time.

(Red) Lifting + Firming 3D Perfect Gel – This gel is so light and watery that it spilled all over me when I opened the cap so becareful with the gel. It is a translucent gel that feels a little jelly-ish in the jar when touch and quickly smooths itself to restore back to its original state. It kind of reminds me of Asta Lift. It does not have any scent except for the the typical gel scent, which I am not a fan of. It goes on the skin with a slight hardened gel feeling but quickly diminish when the gel was smoothen out. Because of this it feels heavier on the skin comparing to the Whitening Water Gel.

In conclusion, Whitening Water Gel is more like a gel and Lifting + Firming 3D Perfect Gel is like a jelly.

Hada Labo Gel Battle 5
There you have it! The difference between Hada Labo Whitening Water Gel and Hada Labo Lifting + Firming 3D Perfect Gel. Hope this back-to-back comparison gave you a clearer picture as to which gel to get that suits your preference and skin need.


Hada Labo Whitening Water Gel and Lifting + Firming 3D Perfect Gel is available at all leading pharmaceutical stores nationwide.

+ Whitening Water Gel – RM69.90 for 50g. Whitening Essence – RM74
+ Lifting + Firming 3D Perfect Gel – RM94.90 for 100g

For more information, please visit Hada Labo Website and Hada Labo Malaysia Facebook Page.


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