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Rediscovering and A Stroll Down Memory Lane to My First Ever Skincare Brand; Eau Thermale Avène + My Current 5-Step Skincare Routine

Avene More Than Just Water
Here is a major throwback. Eau Thermale Avène; my first ever full set skincare products that I bought when I was 19 years old. I still remember the day I brought a few hundred ringgit with me to Mid Valley. I headed to Guardian and I stood in front of Avène shelf. The lady who attended to me was super nice. That day I decided to get a full range of Avène to treat my acne skin. I cannot remember how I get to know Avène but it was probably from sampling exercise prior before that. And I remember I paid RM400+, went home with tons of products and samples. Mind you Avène samples are in mini tubes and bottles, not sachets. At that time, splurging a few hundred on skincare is considered a lot for a 19 year old. But I did it anyway. It was my first skincare. I even mentioned about my first love in this review post on Avène Sérénage Nutri-Redensifying Vital Serum & Day Cream! 😀

Eau Thermale Avène is widely known for its iconic Thermal Spring Water and for its soothing and softening properties on sensitive skin. Now, Eau Thermale Avène is also known to help with eczema skin, which I have a few patches now on my skin so I was looking forward to test it out. I still remember vividly that I chose Eau Thermale Avène for my problematic skin last time because I have heard so many people talk about how mild the products are but highly effective. Sometimes less is more 😉 . Being a maven in beauty, I tempt to hop around different brands and products but one fine Saturday morning roughly 2 weeks ago had me rediscovering and revisit my first love. A trip down memory lane I say. Since that day I have readapted Eau Thermale Avène into my skincare routine. In fact it is my current skincare routine. A simpler but effective one.


My Current 5-Step Skincare Routine

Well, it is actually 4-step skincare routine now for me but if I add Thermal Spring Water mist in it, that makes it five 😛 . Let’s start with me by telling you what is my skin condition at the moment. I am no longer the same 19 year old girl with breakout on my skin. My oily skin has now become dehydrated. Dehydrated means my skin is lack of water inside hence it is sending a signal to the brain, then to my skin to tell it to start producing oil to keep my skin hydrated. That is dehydrated skin. It has pros and con I would say. Pros is I can slap on a thick layer of moisturizer and my skin does not look oily throughout the day, just dewy. Con is fine lines and wrinkles will pay me a visit soon 🙁

Avene More Than Just Water Routine


Step 1: Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Cleansing Foam (RM95 / 150ml)

Avene Gentle Cleansing Foam 1
My all time cleanser from Eau Thermale Avène is the green bottle Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser which everyone raved about. The Gentle Cleansing Foam would be a new discovery for me. I love self-foaming cleansing as it is so much convenient. This is a very mild soap-free gentle cleanser for all skin type, especially for sensitive to irritated skin.

What is like about this Gentle Cleansing Foam is that it has composition that are rich in Thermal Spring Water. As you know, Thermal Spring Water are widely used to soothe irritated skin. However, this is after all still a foam cleanser therefore if you only use it on it’s own, you will feel slight tightening sensation on the skin especially under air-conditioned area. So please properly moisturized your skin after cleansing. Why is that so? That is because the formula contain Glutamic Acid blend to mattifies the skin by rebalancing sebum production and tightening pores. Having said that, it is not drying at all as it has moisturizing agent in it.

Avene Gentle Cleansing Foam 2


Step 2: Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Toner (RM89 / 200ml)

Avene Gentle Toner 1
Oh my gosh! This Gentle Toner smells exactly like Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser! If you like that scent a lot like me you will like this toner too. Eau Thermale Avène Gentle Toner is an alcohol-free toner, suitable for dry to very dry sensitive skin. What suits sensitive skin will suit every other skin type as well. This toner matches perfectly with Gentle Foaming Cleanser as it is very moisturizing thanks to natural silicates in it. It contains Thermal Spring Water in it as well. Together with silicates, it gives the skin a complete moisturization, softness and protects the skin from external aggressions.

This Gentle Toner looks like a dual-phase toner. The top layer is clear to softens while the bottom later is milky white to protects skin. Simply shake the bottle up a bit and you are good to go! The best part about this toner is that I do not need a lot. I just quickly tilt the bottle onto my cotton pad 3 times and I have more than enough for the whole face. I cannot get enough of the scent 😀

Avene Gentle Toner 2


Step 3: Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance OPTIMALE Light Hydrating Cream (RM109 / 40ml)

Now comes the star of my skincare routine. As I am writing this now, I am left with just a few dollops of this Hydrance OPTIMALE Light Hydrating Cream and I am kind of bummed about it because it is so good!

Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream 1
Hydration is the key to a healthy skin. I cannot stop repeating this again and again here in Street Love. I learnt it through the hard way so I am making sure you do not have to :). Let me share with you a story I learnt from a recent gathering with Eau Thermale Avène. Pretty interesting. You know why tears stay inside our eyes to keep the surface moist at all time? That is because our eyes are covered by a special protective film containing 2 specific proteins – lipocaline and mucine. These films stabilises the protective film, curb evaporation of tears and encourage an even distribution of moisture to all over the eye surface. Based on that and utilizing the same concept, Avène came out with Hydrance OPTIMALE range, which provides 4 times hydration to the skin.

Within Hydrance OPTIMALE range, there are two types of cream – Hydrance OPTIMALE Rich and Light. The Rich version is for dry to very dry dehydrated sensitive skin, while Hydrance OPTIMALE Light is for Normal to Combination Dehydrated Sensitive Skin aka my skin 😀

Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream 2
Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance OPTIMALE active ingredients includes Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water for its soothing and anti-irritating properties, Lipomucine – an active complex to promote even distribution of water over the skin and holds it on the skin, keeping it perfectly hydrated, NEW ingredient – Meiboserine that limits the evaporation of Thermal Spring Water and Lipid Trio to restores an effective skin barrier against dehydration, distributes water over the skin and holds it.

Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream 3
If you know me you will know that I like to go generous when it comes to my moisturizer. Same goes to this Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance OPTIMALE Light Hydrating Cream. Now that explains why I am running out of the cream within 2 weeks of usage 😛 . It is lightweight for daytime use and surprisingly provides enough moisturization for night time for me.

Usually natural products smells earthy but I was so relieved that this cream smells like Eau Thermale Avène Cleanance Soapless Gel Cleanser and Gentle Toner. What I was even surprised to find was that this cream disappears into my skin right when I am about to jump onto the bed. I no longer need to lie down flat on my back waiting for the cream to be absorbed. My face was not even tacky when I am done with my night skincare routine. More brownie points for the cream!

Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream 5
The amount I used on average. Sometimes even more!


This is how my skin looks like immediately after applying Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance OPTIMALE Light Hydrating Cream.

Avene Hydrance Optimale Light Hydrating Cream 4
Besides looking forward to a much healthier and hydrated skin, I was looking forward to treat the eczema patch on my right eyebrow with the cream. I start to have eczema patches a few years ago when I was put on Hyperthyroidism medication. I managed to get rid of the patch on my left nose but seems to fail to treat the one on my eyebrow/forehead. My doctor told me that eczema is actually dry patch and all I need to do is to hydrate the skin more. So far none of my skincare managed to do so. And Eau Thermale Avène Hydrance OPTIMALE Light Hydrating Cream did it! No photo editing as you can still see the “mark” aka leftover. There is still a bit of redness left but looking at how the dry patch is almost gone and the redness was toned down so much, I am more than pleased.

Avene More Than Just Water Before and After
Before and After using Avène for 2 weeks


Step 4: Eau Thermale Avène Day Protector Tinted SPF 30 PA+++ (RM99 / 40ml)

Avene Day Protector Tinted 1
Eau Thermale Avène sun care is the first sun protection that has triple action innovation. They recently added Day Protector Tinted SPF 30 PA+++ into their sun care range and it has bagged No. 1 European Market Leader Sun Care Products in Pharmacy in 2015 award. Eau Thermale Avène sun care products are also the brand recommended by Skin Cancer Foundation International. Now that says something, isn’t it?

Did you know that people with sensitive skin is prone to be affected by UV radiations? Not only that. Photoaging is put on speed and that will cause signs of aging such as brown spots, uneven skin tone, wrinkles and loss of firmness. Another fun fact that you might not know is that many brands came out with SPF50 sunscreen but if you bring them for a lab test, you may not find a full SPF50 protection but a mere SPF protection not more than SPF30. Naturally, the higher SPF protection it is, the more oilier it gets. Eau Thermale Avène understand this and our hot humid weather hence the born of the NEW Day Protector Tinted SPF30 PA+++. Tinted means it has a skin tone tint to it rather than the usual white cast. The shade of the tint are made to match most Asian skin complexions.

Avene Day Protector Tinted 2
Day Protector Tinted SPF30 PA+++ comes with Triple Protection.

  1. Photoprotective complex SPF30 PA+++ – a photostable and effective against harmful UVA and UVB.
  2. Pre-tocopheryl (stabilized precursor of Vitamin E) – a powerful cellular antioxidant property.
  3. Avène Thermal Spring Water – of course, a natural soothing and anti-irritating properties for the skin.


Avene Day Protector Tinted 4
The Tint is quite subtle and natural-looking on the skin that it also acts as an uneven skin tone cancellation for me. It has a bit of a scent to it, quite an earthy smelling sunscreen in my opinion. But it is definitely not smelly, don’t worry 😀 . A little bit goes a long way but knowing me, I knew I would go crazy with face sunscreen. You can get away with just applying this as it does even out your skin tone. It leaves a bit of a tackiness on the skin and that is normal. Just lightly dust some powder on the face to remove the tackiness.

The tackiness also means that the product Hydrates your skin. The Tint shade may appear fair upon application but once it is on the face, the tint gets slights darker and blends with your skin tone. It is formulated with a few combination of mineral pigments and brightening pearls. What the combination does is that it unifies your complexion by covering blemishes, fine lines, and pores.

Avene Day Protector Tinted 3
Day Protector Tinted SPF30 PA+++ tint that looks like as if I had foundation on!


Step 5: Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water (RM25 / 50ml, RM49 / 150ml, RM69 / 300ml)

Avene Thermal Spring Water 1
I thought I would do a separate mention on the Thermal Spring Water as I did mentioned before that I do not like this face mist before. Here’s why. Many years ago I had a severe skin allergy attack. My face was burning and itching so badly that I resorted to Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water to cool my face down. I heard it is the best remedy. At the same time I had a few bottles at home from previous haul. Talking about right timing, eh? The water droplet was too huge and when the water evaporates from my skin, it makes my face itches like mad. I never dare to touch it since then until 2 weeks ago. I took the tester bottle and start misting on my face. It was not the same as my previous bottle so I kept misting and misting, wondering why and how come. I like it there and then. I even brought the same big bottle with me to Malacca the next day. Then I know why. You see, I had the small 50ml travel bottle and somehow maybe mine was faulty that the water mist was rough and wet my whole face. Naturally with so much water on the face, you tend to feel the evaporation. The bigger bottle misted finer mist that you will not feel anything, even when the water evaporates. I finally found out what is the problem and I thought I would come here to clarify it 🙂

Avene Thermal Spring Water 2
There are so many ways you can use the Eau Thermale Avène Thermal Spring Water and my favorites are two – to set my makeup and as mid-day mist. I am a sucker for face mist and I could not step out of the house without one! My skin now is much more dry and dehydrated so a mist shower of the Thermal Spring Water somehow managed to set my makeup and kept them on my face, without any meltdown. As this is water, it does not put on any additional product on my face therefore no extra sebum production. In fact, it kept my face hydrated AND keeping sebum at bay. If you have a dehydrated skin like I am, you will start appreciating face mist lol.

Avene Thermal Spring Water 3
However you have to be careful with the Thermal Spring Water mist as well. You may go crazy with it hence drenching the whole face of makeup, like I did with the above photo and I managed to blot it down. Phew! Eau Thermale Avène suggested to use it as soothing mist right after cleansing and before toner. I find it to work best right after Gentle Cleansing Foam, which I said can be a bit drying if you cleanse and walk away.

There you have it! My current skincare routine with a success battle on the stubborn eczema patch issue I had for years, and a walk down the memory lane. I was reminded once again to why I chose Eau Thermale Avène as my first skincare brand when I was 19 year old. Eau Thermale Avène is more than just water.


Eau Thermale Avène is available at all leading pharmacies and supermarkets nationwide.

+ Gentle Cleansing Foam 150ml – RM95
+ Gentle Toner 200ml – RM89
+ Hydrance OPTIMALE Light 40ml / Rich Hydrating Cream 40ml – RM109
+ Day Protector Tinted SPF30 PA+++ 40ml – RM99
+ Thermal Spring Water 50ml (RM25), 150ml (RM49) and 300ml (RM69)

For more information, please visit Avène Malaysia Website and Facebook Page. #MoreThanJustWater #AveneMalaysia #UnderstandYourSkin


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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