Top 5 Catrice Products You Should Try

Top 5 Catrice Products You Should Try 1
Now. Everyone know how much I love the brand Catrice, which is only available at Guardian pharmacy. I am constantly on the lookout for their latest products whenever I am at a shopping mall because all their launches are kinda a surprise one. Today the shelf looks like yesterday but the next day boom! Something new 😀 . And when Guardian is having 30% OFF on all cosmetics, you go nuts stocking up on all Catrice makeup products.

I get this question a lot – “Fiona, what would you recommend me to try from Catrice?”. Well, if I have to name the must-try products from Catrice, it would be one long list. This is me not trying to confuse those who is new to Catrice. Here is my Top 5 Catrice Products You Should Try. Before I start, you have to forgive me for the lack of photos in this post because I sent my camera to the ER once again right before Chinese New Year. My iPhone 6+ is good enough to take decent photos but the sun has been playing me the day I took these photos. These are the only two photos I like out of the 50 LOL. So I am keeping this post short and sweet, aight!

Top 5 Catrice Products You Should Try 2

1. My Holy Grail: Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder

When I attended the official launch of Catrice cosmetics in Malaysia somewhere end of 2015, I went home with a swag bag full with products. Among the many products in the bag is the Sun Glow Mineral Bronzing Powder. I would normally use a bronzer as my contour and to warm up the perimeter of my face. Malaysians are not too fond with contouring or bronzing so getting the right product can be tricky. It is are either too muddy, too brown or too grey. This one gave me the right kind of warmth to the skin and gives a nice contour line. I have used up mine so much that the dome shape on top of the pan was long gone. The packaging has changed slightly, with a gold embossed writing on the packaging and gold rim on the inside.

2. Blush Artist Shading Palette

Catrice has so many blush that are beautiful to look at and goes on beautiful on the cheeks that choosing the one I like is tough! I actually have one that I adore, which I will do a separate review later on but this palette, I highly recommend. When the Blush Artist Shading Palette came out, I went to so many Guardian to find them and at last only found all three palettes at Guardian KLCC. I was lucky that day as Guardian rolled out their weekend sale so I scored each palette for RM16.75 only after 30% discount. Even without discount, each palette is retailing for RM23.90 and that is one heck of an affordable price for a palette of three shades. In each palette you have one matte satin blush, one shimmering blush and one highlighter. The one that surprised me is the highlight shade. It is so beautiful as highlighter. Totally underestimated. If you managed to find them, BUY THEM ALL 😀

3. Matte Mousse Make Up

I still remember my first Catrice haul was on 2015 Chinese New Year eve. That time Catrice was unknown and even the testers are all new. I also remember I was so excited with everything and the one thing any beauty blogger would want to try when it comes to new makeup products is always the foundation. Back in 2015 I still have oily skin. Now I have somewhat dehydrated skin, which means my skin is not so much of an oil slick. Back then I am very much into matte foundation. I still am 😛 . So I decided to get this interesting looking foundation in a jar – Matt Mousse Make Up. I whipped out my phone, did a quick Google search and it has lots of positive reviews. I never quite get how to use it properly as it sets to a powder finishing and I am someone who always set my foundation with powder regardless. Now that I have drier skin, I start to appreciate this product more. I love this type of foundation that does not require any setting powder. As the day goes by, the foundation looked even better! Matt Mousse Make Up has gone through a packaging makeover and the shade numbering has changed too. I am on 011 Light Beige previously and now it is renamed to 025 Light Beige. Despite the shade numbering change, the shade remains the same.

4. Limited Edition Contourious Sculpting Powder Palette

This Contourious Sculpting Powder Palette has got me running around town hunting for it. Versatile palette is very much in trend now especially a palette like this that has contour, blush and highlight. It comes in two different palette shade; one a cool tone contour and one a warmer tone contour. I decided to go with a cool tone palette (C01 Pale Perfectionist) as usually this type of contour shade would suit our Asian skin tone better. The cool tone brown will be able to give a more natural looking shading on the cheekbone. This palette is just perfect. The blush is a matte muted pink while the highlight shade gives a subtle but visible highlight. The name is just too funky. Contourious!

5. Highlighting Eyeshadow

Highlighting Eyeshadow is a new addition to the Catrice family. I have been eyeing on this for ages and lucky for me I did not pick up any as it was out of stock at my nearest Guardian store. I managed to find all three shades during the 30% sale but I went with just one that I like the most among the three. 020 Rosefeller Center is the perfect shade for the brow bone and inner corner of the eyes. It is not blind your eyes type of white as Rosefeller Center has a bit of pink tint to it. For RM10.45 I say this is a good deal 🙂


There you have it! My Top 5 Catrice Products You Should Try. I will do one every few months for new Catrice recommendations. I have been following Catrice on Instagram for quite some time and their new upcoming product line up would be an interesting one so it only make sense for me to do an updated recommendation every now and then 😉

Did any one of you managed to pick up anything from the recent Guardian cosmetics 30% sale? What did you get? Do follow Catrice Malaysia on Facebook for more updates.


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  • Good write-up! Is the 30% off cosmetics still going on at Guardian outlets?

    • Nope. It ended on 27th January. Oh nooo. You missed it! I posted the poster on my Facebook page and also did a lot of Instagram stories on it when I shop. Usually news like this will goes on my FB and IG first 😉

  • Hola!! Happy Chinese New Year to you & fellow readers! Recently I went spree on their Buy 1 Free 1 + 30% promotions. So I ended up with 5 of their Long Lasting Waterproof Eyeliners (Brown Town Girl,Karate With Bronze Lee,Moss Undercover,Petrol And The Wolf ,The World’s Greytest ) and 2 Kohl Kajals (Chocwaves& Living In Borwntown Manhattan).

    I totally agree with you on their Mousse Foundation. I love how soft it feels against my skin and the fact i can build up better&smooth coverage. It’s like wearing the pricey Mac foundation without looking too cakey ;p

    Also I suggest you to check out these glow babies. Superbly gorgeous to use it on daily basis without looking too shimmery! 🙂

    Soon, I aim to own their liquid HD foundation next! Happy Shopping! 😀

    • Whoa. That’s a good haul! 🙂 . I wanted to go back to get the HD foundation but then again I have so much foundation at home. Maybe on the next 30% sale lol.
      I didn’t pick up both of the highlighter palette as I have a few to go through at home. I figure they will be coming out with more and more highlighter so that can wait 😀

  • High five! I’ve tried and loved 3 out of the five! I love the Sunglow powder that my dome shape has diminished too!! Hahaha!

    • Haha high five! I have a new one waiting for me to dip my brush in 😛

  • Hi! I’m a fan of Catrice too, hihi. And sorry to bother you, but I am quite confused right now. Back then, I have a combination skin, so I used Bourjois City Radiance foundation. However, when time passes by, my skin is turning drier that I looked terribly terrible. I have set my eyes on Catrice liquid foundation for a while, and now that I have a drier skin, I don’t really know what suits me now. So, in your opinion, what kind of foundation suits me now; one for combination skin or dry skin? 🙁


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