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XIERRA Thermal Pants: Why I Must Wear This and Only This For Metafit Bodyweight HIIT Training

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If you have been following me on Instagram close enough, you will know that I am pretty much into Metafit Bodyweight HIIT training now. I used to do every other workout as a part of cross-training but now Metafit has become my main workout besides sprinting and running. Just so you are not confused, I am very much into running for the past one year plus. I slowed down a lot on running as I find it to be a bit too routine for me so I adapted sprinting, and later on sign up for Metafit. Metafit is a HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training, which in my opinion is way way wayyyy better workout for anyone who are into working out the whole body. You sweat a lot, you get sore, you move a lot and you use every single muscle of your body. It is a short workout but an intense one.

I have tried Metafit one time before many months ago. I knew how intensive it is and how I could not walk for the next one week. When I signed up for 8 sessions with the same coach, I expected to only do one session a week due to the soreness. On my first two Metafit session. I was as sore as heck. First session was bad, second session was better. It was all expected. However, on my 3rd session, I had just received the XIERRA Thermal Pants so I happily wore it for my Metafit workout. As soon as I put it on, I start to feel warm. Wow. That was fast! Even as I was driving to my workout point, I felt uneasy and this extreme warmth from the pants. Let me just warn you that if you are new to thermal pants, you tend to feel this way. After a few wear, you will not feel uneasy like the first time anymore 🙂

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XIERRA Thermal Pants only comes in one length – capri aka knee length and only one color – dark purple. XIERRA is a sportswear clothing line based in Malaysia itself. The pants itself are made up of neothermal fabric technology and nylon material. So it is lightweight, extremely durable and comfortable. The brand conducted intensive research through numerous trials to find the right material with the perfect thickness to achieve the comfortability but yet effective to enhance sweat production and in burning more calories while working out.

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Contrary to sprinting or running where I would prefer a long pants, I kind of like a capri length when it comes to Metafit training. As much as I want compression for the whole leg, HIIT training is quite intense so I feel that capri gives me the compression I need and a little bit of breather on the calves. I like that their size chart are bigger than others so size S fits me perfectly. There was no loose bits anywhere. It’s neothermal fabric quality and strong stitching gives me the flexibility to move around. And trust me, moving around easily is what I need when it comes to HIIT training. I do not need to keep readjusting my pants or keep pulling the waist line up because the pants has a durable thin waist band for a better grip on the skin.

On my first Metafit session wearing XIERRA Thermal Pants, I nearly died. Literally. I supposed my body was newly adjusting to the pants that I felt so hot and hard to breath. Needless to say the workout for the day was a tough one for me. I went home losing a bit of weight. I did not know how much but the next day I weight myself I was 0.5kg lighter. I am assuming I lost near to 1kg the night before after training.

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What I am most happy about is also what I love about XIERRA Thermal Pants. No muscles soreness! Not at all. I tested a few more rounds of Metafit with the pants. Each time I went home with zero soreness and woke up the next day feeling like new. The compression and thermal heat generated from the pants does helped a lot to aid muscle soreness.

And of course being the curious cat me, I decided to go to last Tuesday Metafit session without the XIERRA Thermal Pants on. You know, just to test if I was overthinking or if the pants really work. Wrong decision. I felt muscle tightness on the upper knee almost immediately after the session and I was sore for the next 3 days, right until last Friday session. Now as I am writing this review down, I felt so much better as I wore XIERRA Thermal Pants on the Friday and survived through the whole session with previous soreness in me. Major love.

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Just in case you are wondering, does this XIERRA Thermal Pants suits running as well. You bet it is! Even better I say. It is suitable for any kind of workout at all. You get the compression benefit from the pants and you burn more fat than normal run. In short, this is what XIERRA Thermal Pants has to offer:

  • Burns more calorie while exercising or doing house chores.
  • Produce more sweat in shorter time (3~4x sweat).
  • Optimize workout time.
  • Effectively reducing the size of thighs, hips & waist.
  • Reducing cellulite.
  • Reduce post workout muscle pain.
  • Dry & comfortable feeling on the outside.
  • Dynamic flexibility.


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One thing you have to note is that you will experience sweat dripping down to your calves lol. Literally leaking from the seam of the pants down to your calves! Best experience ever 😛


XIERRA Thermal Pants is available for purchase through Website ( or contact through Facebook ( /Whatsapp (010-8472611)

Price: RM139

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Please visit XIERRA Facebook page for more updates and for updated current promotion.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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