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SK-II Celebrates Valentine’s Day with Three Malaysian Celebrities

SK-II Valentine’s Day Event 1
SK-II never fails to fascinate me with their grand event setup and last week SK-II celebrates Valentine’s Day with a short and sweet party at Mid Valley Centre Court. Not only red roses were decorated all over the #changedestiny house but also with three Malaysia celebrities.

Earlier before the event, fans of Nicholas Teo, local artist who has made it big in Taiwan made their way to the event area way earlier to catch a glimpse of their favourite artist. He sang one of his classic Chinese song “Because of You” and that melted the heart of every single fans of his right there and then. He also gave out red roses to the ladies in the attendance. Fans goes crazy! 🙂

SK-II Valentine’s Day Event 2
It is a Valentine’s Day event therefore it will not be complete without the appearance of celebrity actors and newlyweds Nazim Othman, together with his wife Bella Dally. Both of them shared with the audience their skincare tip, date night preparation and a little insight into their married life. But of course they undergo SK-II Magic Ring skin consultation to get a better understanding of their skin and their skin age.

SK-II Valentine’s Day Event 3
If you ever walk past a SK-II event, do stop and ask for a Magic Ring skin analysis. Don’t get intimidated with the fact that it is SK-II because the beauty consultants are always very helpful even if you are just finding out more on the products.

SK-II Valentine’s Day Event 4

SK-II Valentine’s Day Event 5
For more information on SK-II, please visit www.sk-ii.com.my.


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