#IWillBeOkay Charity

#IWillBeOkay T-Shirt and PUMA Merchandize for Fund Raising

#IWillBeOkay Fund Raising
Last Saturday, 11th March I had my 3rd campaign #IWillBeOkay ‘Fight Against Depression’ Awareness Campaign and it is a super fun trail run and hike at Bukit Kiara. More on that soon. I am still waiting for all the photos from two separate photographers.

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike event was a success. I received nothing but encouragement, praises and positive feedback that it is a well-organized, fun and meaningful event. Everyone told me I should do more! I hope so too 🙂 . Despite five participants that could not make it, the turnout rate was good overall. So, I have some leftover T-shirt and merchandize to clear. All donations will go into existing #IWillBeOkay fund which will help with future campaigns and events.

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike was a NON-SPONSORED event. I paid for technical consultation, Race Directors, Crews, T-shirt, food, drinks, banners, Tiger Balm (lol) and many more myself.

Here is how you can donate and get the merchandize*.

Option 1: Full Set – Orange T-shirt with Puma Goodie Bag – RM60. T-shirt sizes left are one (1) S and three (3) L.
Option 2: Puma Goodie Bag Only – RM40.
Or, if you like you can just donate cash to the fund.

The link to make purchases is at http://bit.ly/iwbokfund.
* PosLaju not included. Add RM9 for WM and EM.


Wonder how the T-shirt look like? This is us in the T-shirt. Super comfortable. And only 30 people have the Orange shirt 😉

#IWillBeOkay Fund Raising 2
Material is microfiber dry fit. S fits those in XS-M. L fits M-XL as the sizes runs bigger in measurement. Size chart as below.

#IWillBeOkay Trail Hike T-Shirt Size Chart
PUMA goodie bag contains – PUMA drawstring bag, PUMA long neck towel, Sunplay sunscreen travel size and Tiger Balm travel size. Everything are courtesy of respective brands except for Tiger Balm, which I bought with my own money just for the event.

#IWillBeOkay Fund Raising 3
Lastly, here is the link again http://bit.ly/iwbokfund


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  • hi Fiona
    Tried to access the link, but access denied… huhuhu
    May i please ‘chup’ Option 1 (T-shirt = S size) please…
    Also, kindly provide payment details so I can bank in, ya. Thanks!

    • Aik? Link down lol. Okay. Chop Size S for you 🙂
      You’re always so supportive. Can’t thank you enough!

      • Thanks, dear!
        My pleasure, it’s a cause that’s close to my heart, and since I can’t support by attending the run, I can support by getting the merchandise 🙂
        Saw the pix, it was a good run & good job, Fiona!
        Keep it up!

        • Thank you thank you. Was relieved the event turned out well. A few small hiccups but then again nothing is perfect 🙂

  • Great job Fiona. Finally the event went very well. Kudos to you for handling it all by yourself. The best ever ??

    • Thank you Irfan. Thanks for the help you’ve given at the event. Well appreciated 😉 . Hope you had fun!

  • Why orange only? haha… can you do a batch of shirt with black and blue? haha

    • These are leftover merchandise from the event. I’ve got no use keeping them so I’m giving them away for donors. Going to do a batch of T-shirts for fund raising/donations. Will figure out the mechanic soon and if I should repeat the same deaign or come out with new design ?. So far I’ve got nothing but goos feedback on the shirt so probably repeat the same design.

      • Yeah! Can’t wait for it!

        • Let me plan plan 😉


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