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USA Haul Made Possible with myMallBox Package Forwarding Service

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If you have been following Street Love long enough you will know that I love buying American products even before I am a beauty blogger. Now that I am one, I secretly like to source for American makeup products that are not available in Malaysia. There is something about owning products which no one or less people own that makes it even more special. Watching lots of Youtube videos does not help. It makes me crave for even more new makeup releases, hoping one fine day these brands will hit Malaysia market.

I for one is not into sprees or pre-orders. I know that is the only way to get my hands on American products but homegirl has zero patient for that 😀 . I had several chat with my ex-school mate who is currently residing in the States and so far I have yet to place my order because I was worried about the shipping. Everytime my friends bought American products directly, I ask them and they refuse to tell me how they got it ship to Malaysia. You know what? You will not expect that greediness from me because I am all about sharing the good stuff with everyone. Follow my Instagram Stories whenever I go shopping and you will know lol. My DM will be buzzing non-stop!

Now back to how I shop at Walgreens and get it ship to me in Malaysia. I Insta Story my Walgreens shopping 2 weeks ago and that got a lot of people DM-ing me asking me how. I did not want to say much that time because I want to go through the entire process first before getting everyone on the bandwagon. So my reply to everyone who asked was “you need a forwarding company”. I think they get it. They just do not know how or who to go for. Just like me before this. My secret?!

Most of the beauty brand do ship directly to Malaysia but not drugstore such as Target, Ulta, Walgreens or Walmart. So most people from every other part of the world uses a forwarding company. Before I decided to use myMallBox, I read through the entire website and glance through their plan comparison versus other companies. It is very clear to me that myMallBox is the right choice. It is almost free to use the service. The only payment I will be paying is the shipping fee.

myMallBox 3
Being a noob and a first timer, I have no idea how all this third party forwarding company works. Lucky for me myMallBox does include a step-by-step self-explanatory pictorial on how the company works.

In conclusion, myMallBox serves a few purpose – to provide you with a US address, to help you to buy whatever you want (optional), as a warehouse, to consolidate your parcels and as a shipper. For me, I uses myMallBox as my ‘invisible’ US address, and to ship the parcel to me. As soon as I registered for an account with myMallBox, I was provided with a US address, which was listed on the top right in my account. All I need to do is to fill that into the online store as shipping address.

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As I was doing my research on myMallBox, I was curious with their shipping rate. I really like how simple and yet helpful the website is because whatever I can think of to find out, it is clearly stated in the website. Shipping rate, for example is crucial for me. Buying a drugstore makeup is cheap no doubt but a high shipping rate can elevate the value making the purchase not worth it at all. I use the Shipping Rate calculator in the website to help me to gauge roughly how much the shipping rate would be.

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Here is the best part. When I click “Calculate”, I was brought to a page where every available shipping option are listed out for me, together with the rate, shipping duration and excerpt description on the shipping option. It also clearly stated whether the option is trackable or non-trackable. Being able to track a parcel is important unless you have never encounter lost parcel before then I guess you are not bothered with it.

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I had a hard time choosing where to shop. It is either this store has 4 out of 5 items I want or 2 out of 5 items I want. Finally I went with Walgreens because I wanted the Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Highlighter. In order to get a standard 1 – 3 days free shipping to my US address, I round up my total purchase to US$35. True enough, my parcel reached my US address within the stated shipping duration and I received a happy email from myMallBox telling me that my parcel has reached them! 🙂

myMallBox 6
Immediately, I logged into my myMallBox account and I see my package listed in my account. I select the parcel and clicked “Repack”.

myMallBox 7
Wrong move! I am supposed to select and click “Add To Cart”. I panicked a little bit because I could not find the cancel option or button anywhere. I quickly email myMallBox customer service and received a reply the next day that my request to repack has been cancelled. Phew!

myMallBox 8
So now I see another order in my account lol.

myMallBox 9
This time I make sure I select it and click Add To Cart directly. In my Cart, I saw all available shipping option and the rate listed out as an option for me to select. I knew there and then I have to go with DHL Express because I have had wonderful experience with them for all my iHerb haul. Furthermore the rates are not much different so why not, eh?

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If you ask me if it is too expensive to go with DHL Express. The answer is a yes and no. It really depends on what you buy and the urgency of your purchase. The area I stay is considered a small town and based on my US haul experiences previously since 20 years ago, 9 out of 10 of my parcel are either lost or stolen. So I dare not take non-trackable parcel risk again. And if you get everything you want in one shot it would be worth it. I am just trying out the service so I only make a small purchase this time around 🙂

myMallBox 11
Checking out is pretty much a step-by-step guided process. If you have Paypal it is so much easier to pay for anything online.

myMallBox 12
Within a minute I was done!

myMallBox 13
It was a Sunday morning when I complete the transaction and my parcel was sent out the next day. As usual, myMallBox sent me an email notifying me that they had already process and ship out my parcel. DHL Express tracking number were also provided in the email and the parcel tracking begins immediately.

myMallBox 15
My small Walgreens haul. Small but extremely happy to get my hands on these. All this is made possible thanks to package forwarding company like

myMallBox 16
– Milani Conceal + Perfect 2-in-1 Foundation+ Concealer (02 Natural & 03 Light Beige) – $9.99 each
– Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless Foundation (230 Natural Buff) – $7.99. Got this for free with Buy 2 Free 1 promo
– Wet n Wild Mega Cushion Highlight (Who’s That Pearl) – $5.99 each
– Wet n Wild MegaLast Liquid Catsuit Matte Lipstick (Rebel Rose) – $4.99


That, is how I managed to shop at Walgreens and get it shipped to me in Malaysia. I paid no extra fee or charges by using myMallBox except for the courier fee and the product, of course. Basically to shop online in the USA, you need a US address. myMallBox provides me with an address, kept my parcel, consolidate if I have more than 1 parcel and help me to ship it down to me. My dream to buy anything from the US came true! There will be more haul to come now that I know how to do it and how easy it is.

Do check out and start your American dream shopping!


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  • Wow this is interesting, means I can get to shop online on some of the US website now? I have to try once and see how, I’m so happy with this info <3 Thank you so much for sharing this Fiona!

    • Yes correct. Shop any US website and ship to myMallBox. You can either consolidate all your parcels into one or break them smaller before sending back to you 🙂 . But it’s going to cost you a bit. Mine cost USD$37.60

  • Yup I’ve notice the shipping fees, maybe that’s how they work to earn a little hehe, but I love the idea thou, will try this method soon!

    • Quite reasonable considering the fact that we get to ship US products here 😉

  • Oh no I gonna splurge more now! haha

    • Since you have more free time why not 😛

  • Should keep this bookmarked for the black Friday sales. Hahahaha.

    • Now you reminded me too! I hope I remember lol

  • No doubt American beauty products are awesome and best if we compare it to any other country’s product !! even I love buying it , Thanks Fiona 🙂

    • Hit and miss. Can’t say all are good. Furthermore what’s made in the US may not work on Asian sometimes due to the climate. But so far so good! Glad you find the post useful 😉


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