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Up Close and Personal with Tanamera Tropical Spa Products

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Talk about one local brand Tanamera and everyone goes ahhhh I know that brand. It’s very good! I too remember noticing Tanamera when I just started blogging many years ago but never quite get up close and personal with them until today.

The name Tanamera, which also mean “tanah merah” in Malay is founded by Malaysian and has been in the market since 2000. Tanamera is committed to offer full all-natural and eco-friendly products to the market. And they did one of the leader in the natural products market. Tanamera uses raw material sourced from our very own rich soil from the tropical rainforests therefore consumers can expect ZERO artificial coloring, fragrances, chemical actives and preservatives. They definie true Asian tropical spa treatments that they were inspired by.

The handmade soap of Tanamera is said to be good and sells like hot cake. But one of Tanamera star product, which is also one of the best-seller product is the Brown Formulation Body Soap.

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Brown Formulation Body Soap (RM18 / 125g)

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This soap is not just any other soap. It has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties, which comes from active ingredients used in the formulation such as wild ginger, turmeric root, cinnamon, including vegetable glycerine, patchouli oil and vetiver. If you suffer from body acne, rashes or itches, this soap is particular good for that. I personally tried it on the rashes which always attack me whenever I’m lack of sleep and it tones the rashes down, eliminating the itches. It does have a strong herbal scent but the scent went away from the soap after using it for several occasion.

Another soap that caught my attention is the Warna Soap Gift Set (RM34). Each soap and color resembles the ethnic group and culture in Malaysia.

  • The Malays have used virgin coconut oil for centuries due to their skin softening properties, making this the perfect soap for dry skin.
  • Turmeric is an essential ingredient in Indian beauty care and excellent for its skin protecting properties.
  • Bamboo charcoal has been widely used by the Chinese to remove impurities & moisturize skin.

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Now comes the tea. On our afternoon tea meet up, we were served with red Hibiscus Tea. I took a sip and ended up refilling until 8 cups by the time I left. It has a sourish taste that resemble berry, which is one of the beverage preference I like. It is said to be even tasty when some brown sugar is added. With brown sugar, the sourish taste were removed, making the tea taste more like a tea 😀

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If you would like to know more and purchase Tanamera Tropical Spa Products, please visit Tanamera Website and Tanamera Online Store. You may also find Tanamera on their official Facebook page and Instagram.

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