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Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel Had Me Screaming “I Woke Up with Eyebrows!”

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel 1
Let’s talk about something I am obsessed with. I have been experimenting Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel for the past two weeks and it has been really fun! Quite a funny one too. You will know what I meant if you follow through all my Instagram Stories 😀

A few weeks ago I had gotten very bored and tired doing my eyebrows. I am constantly in a rush and eyebrow took the longest time for me to do. I see you nodding your head in agreement too 😉 . I have heard about the eyebrow tint from Etude House and after some googling, I decided I would want to get that. So I waited for weekend because Etude House usually throw a Buy 1 Free 1 promotion during the weekend. That was some time ago. I was not sure if the promo is still happening this time around so I decided I would wait. It was not something urgently needed anyway. I could still live with a few more days of doing my brow lol.  Two days later Sarah from Lashes and Strokes Instagram Stories the Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel and I was like hmmmm! I did not know Yadah have this?! I was at Pavilion the same day so I dropped by Sasa to check it out, only to be told to buy online. Then I texted the brand person for Yadah and I was told that the brand is no longer in Sasa. It will head to Watsons soon *hint*. So I resorted to Hermo because I know Yadah is a main brand in Hermo.

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel 2
There are only two shades to choose from – 02 Deep Brown and 03 Ash Brown. I chose 03 Ash Brown as it does look dark on Sarah so I figure the shade would match me too.

Getting started was hard. I was much more eager to apply it then sitting down reading instruction on how-to, the do’s and don’ts. Girl is just too lazy for that 😛 . And when I do, Korean? I can’t read Korean! The black small tiny font against a dark grey box is insane. I can’t see anything. I have no choice but resorted to looking at the picture only and roughly guess what it meant. But there are English translation at the very bottom in white font, which I realized later. Not too bad although the font is still tiny. Let’s just say I glance through everything without reading properly. Typical Fiona.

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel 3

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel 4
The product smells like, err…UHU glue? It is super sticky and gooey. After I apply the first stroke on my left brow, suddenly it hit me. How do I get a sharp thin tail like I always do? I did what I do with liquid lipstick. I remove most of the product on the tube edge, squeezing the brush to as flat as I could. It works! I managed to get a decent thin tail and I was proud of myself 😀

Let me warn you, it is super messy. It gets everywhere if you are not careful. And the stain/tint works almost immediately. The gel harden in no time so removing is easy if you accidentally had it elsewhere than your brow. It come right off but the tint does not. The “quick” tint however leaves a moss green tint. Weird because on my brows it is nothing like that.

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel 5
On my first trial, I simply just outline the shape and fill in the blanks. It was easy for me as I am quite familiar with my brow shape. I must admit. I was worried as heck before using. The box said to leave it on for an hour then peel off. Then I remember Sarah saying that it can be left on overnight. I double checked the box and true enough, it can be left overnight. In fact it is recommended to do so for stronger and long lasting coloration. That is how I decided to leave it on till the next morning. The next morning, I woke up and peel off just like that. The tail came off a bit so peeling was very easy. No brow hair was sacrificed that day 😀 . But the tint was not as dark as how I want it to be. I must also keep my brow away from facial wash within 24 hours. I think I kept mine away for 2 days before I could not stand it anymore and wash my face like normal. That is when I lost my eyebrow tint 🙁

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel 6
The next week, which is last Friday night, I applied the Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel again. My friend Julian ask me to go for a trail run with him on Saturday and I figure it would be good if I have eyebrows on without me waking up early to have them draw on. So I quickly have the brow gel on. I applied wider than my normal brow size and applied a thicker layer so that the tint would be darker and last for days. For some reason, the inner corner kept peeling off so I was reapplying again and again while watching TV before bed time. Same as the first time, I woke up the next day with the tail peeling off by itself. This time, peeling the gel off is so satisfying because of the thicker layer I had on. The whole brow was still intact! I could even see the brow hair strokes on the gel.

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel 8
The result? Sinchan brows. I am not kidding! It had me giggling for the whole day because it is so thick and dark. But I have no complain. I love it! If I needed to go out for an event, I can always tone it down with a concealer so it was never an issue. Lucky for me, I have no events to go to this week so I was able to monitor how many days this will last.

Let’s see. I had it on Friday night, and today as I am drafting this review, it is about 90% gone. Almost 5 days like Yadah claimed. The brows looked like I had them drawn in for the first 3 days. It was longer lasting this time due to the fact that I have been washing my face by section, avoiding the eyebrow. On the 4th day, I can no longer stand not washing my face properly that I started washing my face like normal and the tint still stays put. I am amazed!

Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel 7
Would I recommend this? Hell yes! It works and it worked beautifully on me. The only drawback is that you will not be able to apply your skincare, makeup and wash your face like normal. That got me into anxiety mode the first time using it and somehow I got the hang of it. I gained more pros with the product as (1) I woke up with brows and (2) I can leave the house in 5 minutes.


Yadah Quick Tattoo Brow Gel is available at Yadah Malaysia.

Price: RM39.90 NP, I bought it for RM35.10 after 10% discount.

For more information, please visit Yadah Malaysia Website.


Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored review. I bought the product on my own.


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