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How Clarins A Cheek, A Kiss Limited Edition Duo Will Get You and Your Mom Ready in an Easy 2-Step Routine

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Personally, I don’t celebrate festive season or any kind of celebration at all. Any girl would jump straight into celebration. Now there are dayniversary, monthniversary and so on. Oh my gosh! 😀 . But when beauty brands release special limited edition beauty launch for any kind of celebration, I will not say no. How to say no to these Clarins A Cheek, A Kiss cuties! <3

Clarins came out with this two skincare and makeup product just for Mother’s Day. Some moms are not into fancy complicated beauty routine. This Clarins A Cheek, A Kiss is THE PERFECT 2-step routine that any mom is able to do in a jiffy.


Limited Edition Skin Illusion Blush (RM85, comes in 3 shades)

Let’s start with the super cute Skin Illusion Blush because I just need to talk about this first 😀 . I have seen, bought and used dab-on blush but not this type before. This blush comes in an all-in-one portable case, which is a new concept.

Clarins A Cheek A Kiss 3
There is a mirror on top of the case. I certainly did not expect that! Rather than the usual sponge puff, this Skin Illusion Blush comes with a rubbery flat top puff and the pressed blush itself is housed inside the cap. Now, that is also something I never seen before. The bottom part act as an applicator so make sure you don’t drop the cap! 😛 . Packaging wise is uber cute. It has love design printed on the side of the silver cap. The color of the half bottom aka the applicator holder represent the shade itself.

It comes in 3 shades – Luminous Pink (01), Luminous Coral (02), Havana (03). The one I have with me is Luminous Pink (01), which is a muted pink shade. This shade is what I usually lean more to when it comes to blush and lipstick. The blush payoff is matte but somehow it gives the skin a luminous healthy glow. I spy with my little eyes that the blush do have specks of fine shimmers in it. Just a little bit and that shimmers are not even noticable on the skin. It sort of melted onto the skin upon application hence the luminous glow. According to Clarins, the blush is made with ultra-fine, mineral-enriched powder with plant extracts.

Clarins A Cheek A Kiss 4
To use this Skin Illusion Blush is pretty simple. Just dab the applicator onto the cheek and blend away. Use your fingers if you need to blend more. To get more product onto the rubber puff, simply just press the applicator back into the cap. Underneath the blush pan is a spring so you will get sufficient amount of product onto the puff without overdoing it. You will see how I used the blush from the video below 😉


Limited Edition Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm (RM79)

Now, I already knew that the Skin Illusion Blush is going to be beautiful but this Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm shocked me the most.

Clarins A Cheek A Kiss 5
Lip balm usually don’t wow me most of the time. That was until I tried out this lip balm for the first time. Not only the peach fragrance is not nauseating as it is in the box, it actually smells like real peach on the lips. The scent do goes away after a while so don’t worry too much about it. What I was impressed with is the moisture it gave to my lip minus the oiliness. Clarins said that the balm is packed with a cocktail blend of nutritious plants and smart pigment for a nourishing and restorative balm for 8 hours of lasting moisture.

Clarins A Cheek A Kiss 6
At first glance, I thought this is a clear lip balm. The balm bullet says it all isn’t it? But, when I took it out to use for the first time, my lip color changed. I did a quick search on Clarins Malaysia website only to find out that the lip balm changes color according to the pH of the lip and your body heat. Sometimes it is red on me, sometimes a peach shade. That, I certainly did not expect.

It add just the right amount of shine onto the lip without making it look like you had fried chicken. It does make the lip look a tad bit fuller thanks to the shine.

Clarins A Cheek A Kiss 7
As I had some time the other day after putting on my makeup, I filmed this quick and easy look using both Clarins A Cheek, A Kiss products. Skin Illusion Blush goes on so easily and it gives the cheek natural flush color. Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm on another hand gives the lip the moisture and a tint of color to it. One could easily get away with this alone 😉


Both Skin Illusion Blush and Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm are Limited Edition so you better hurry and get your paws on it if you want it. It is selling out fast!


Clarins Limited Edition A Cheek, A Kiss is available at the following:
+ Clarins Skin Spa: One Utama, BSC, KLCC, The Curve and The Springs.
+ Departmental Store: AEON One Utama, AEON Midvalley, AEON Tebrau JB, Isetan KLCC, Parkson KLCC, Parkson Subang Parade, Parkson Pavillion and Parkson Gurney Penang and Sogo.

+ Daily Energizer Lovely Lip Balm – RM79
+ Skin Illusion Blush – RM89, comes in 3 shades

Website and Online Store:

For more information, please visit Clarins Malaysia Facebook Page or Clarins Official Instagram for more updates.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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