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iHerb Haul with Pixi Beauty OMG! and Then Some

iHerb Haul with Pixi Beauty 1
I loveeee iHerb. I like that I am able to purchase brand and products that are not available in Malaysia. I like that sometimes some of the product goes on sale. I like that they ship to Malaysia, and I like that they now have Shipping Saver that save me some money on shipping. I like a lot of things when it comes to iHerb 😀 . My routine every morning while holding a hot cup of coffee is to browse through iHerb for their weekly special. Unfortunately not all are on 20% discount now, it is “up to 20% discount” only. But I still find some really good deals and gems. Last week’s discovery which shook me is that iHerb now carries a small collection of Pixi Beauty! And it is much more cheaper than Sephora.my.

I really do want to bag every Pixi Beauty I found. Of course I didn’t. I tell myself to be rational. I only have one face and I do have a mini Sephora at home 😛 . In the end I decided to buy the Pixi Beauty Glow Mud Mask (RM88.40, after 10% discount from RM98.22). I also get additional 5% discount using the code RKZ742 🙂

iHerb Haul with Pixi Beauty 2
Next is something which I have been holding on for a year because (1) I’m not sure if Physicians Formula Malaysia will bring this in, and (2) it’s always out of stock. The last time I spoke to Physicians Formula Malaysia team, they told me they are not bringing in this Butter Bronzer. Reason being is the Pina Colada scent. I personally had smell the bronzer as I requested for Physicians Formula Malaysia to let me take a sniff and I find the scent to be quite nice. It wasn’t anything nauseating. You know I am super sensitive with smelly beauty products so I know one is not when I smell it. This one definitely smells good. I waited until now and finally I caved in. Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer in Bronzer (RM62.06) is a Shipping Saver item but there was no 10% discount. I still get a 5% OFF with code RKZ742.

iHerb Haul with Pixi Beauty 3
I have been wanting this cutie Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges (RM22.77) for so long and I have read nothing but good review on it. It is always out of stock too. It is supposed to be a sponge to wipe out makeup boo boo but most people are using it as a beauty blender. I am using it to blend out my under eye concealer 😀 . I do like the idea of using this to blend harsh lines though.

iHerb Haul with Pixi Beauty 4
Last item I bought was EOS Shave Cream in Vanilla Bliss (RM20.38, after 10% discount from RM22.64). iHerb carries four different scent and this Vanilla Bliss scent was highly recommended. I am quite scared with any vanilla scent but to be honest, I can’t smell anything lol. Okay, that is a good thing after all. I have used this twice. So far I like it. Works better than hair conditioner lol.

iHerb Haul with Pixi Beauty 5
3 out of 4 items (except EOS Shave Cream) are on Shipping Saver tab, which means it helped to lower my DHL Express Shipping fee more and more. Initially I have 4 Shipping Saver items in my cart but I removed one item. So overall I paid RM9.29 for this round of haul. Compared to the RM50-ish I have been paying recently, this is a good deal. A REALLY GOOD DEAL. If I ever choose Global Mail (normal mail) shipping, it is free! But I prefer DHL and I am more than willing to pay less than 10 bucks for that. On top of that, I even get an extra 5% OFF by using the code RKZ742 😉 AND I get RM9.24 cash back from this haul alone.

Did you managed to catch all my Instagram Stories on this and shopped too?

You may use my code RKZ742 to get 5% OFF your purchase. iHerb also introduced credit rebate upon purchase where you will get a certain amount of rebate back into your account (expires in 60 days)after each order placed. And many more deals and offers!


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  • At first glance I thought they threw in a butter cookie for free in your shopping stash. The colour is interesting. Makes more wondering what is exactly Pina Colada scent.

    Thank you for sharing the discount code. Totally worth it with the low shipping fee.

    • Hahaha nah. They used to throw in random iHerb gift like eraser, pen, clothes peg etc. Now nothing.
      Pina Colada smells like paradise 😀 . Something like The Body Shop Pinita Colada range, only milder.

      You’re welcome! I love discount on top of discount. The shipping fee is too good not to be shared.


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