Nu Skin ageLOC Me – The Future of Skin Care? My Brutally Honest Point-of-View

Nu Skin ageLOC Me 1
I don’t normally go MLM product launch but this Nu Skin ageLOC Me got my beauty radar beeping like crazy. I went, hoping they would give me one but nah, no luck this time LOL 😛 . This is the one launch that does not give what they launched. Then I found out why. *psstt* It’s too expensive to give (said in sexy whisper voice).

Okay so why am I sooooooo intrigued with this Nu Skin ageLOC Me? At one glance, this is a machine that automatically dispenses your skincare! Not just that. It does a whole lot more. Interestingly, I learnt at the event that the ageLOC Me was launched a few years ago and until today, no one I repeat NO ONE copied and launch it. What happen to China?? It is either the machine is too hard to be copied or it is just too costly for the mortal market. I mean, a few thousands for a machine that customize and dispenses your skincare? Would you buy?

Nu Skin ageLOC Me 1
ageLOC ME is an anti-aging skincare system with the state-of-the-art technology and breakthrough anti-aging formulations. It has almost 2,000 possible regimen combinations to date for both men and women. It features five powerful anti-aging products, all tuck nicely in one smart device.

However, it is not as high tech as I thought it would be. After the launch gambit I went out to have a look at the device. Because at the launch I kept hearing Nu Skin representative telling the attendees to download their app as you are able to customize your skin care regimen through the device. It’s not what you think – key in your skin condition of the day, click OK and it will send the info to the machine. Nope. It’s nothing like that. The thought of customizing it daily or weekly went down the drain when I was told it is not as smart as that, yet. What the app does was to capture your info and it will then give you a code. That is the code you need to purchase your skin care vials and put those vials into your home device. See, smart but not exactly there yet.

For first try, the vials will last you for 2 weeks. Then you will need to redo the whole customizing again and get a one-month supply which will cost you RM700 (if I recall correctly). Don’t ask me why 2 weeks then one-month supply sequence. It is what it is.

Nu Skin ageLOC Me 3
ageLOC Me combines 3 serums. It is said to be extremely powerful and only this device is able to mix these 3 serums in order to give you the maximum anti-aging benefit. If you try to be funky and just buy the vial without the device, I was told it doesn’t work. And if you decided to be lazy and skip one skincare regimen, this thing will blink non-stop and annoy the heck of you. So you will have no choice but to stick your palm to the device lol. Geez. I’m laughing at my own words.

Nu Skin ageLOC Me 4
What about the cleanser, toner and what not? I hate to break this to you but this RM3,346 machine does not cover that all. Separately you will need to use your cleanser and toner before sticking your palm to this machine for every other thing.

Nu Skin ageLOC Me 5
You can even customize the skin of the device. I took this photo because of the star skin. You know me and anything stars.

Nu Skin ageLOC Me 6
So, if you are into all this kind of machine, it is now available at Nu Skin Distribution Centers for RM3,346. Normally I love all funky interesting devices including this one. And as much as I am intrigued by it, I would not spend that much to do something that I find enjoyable to do day and night. This is really the machine for lazy people 😛 . However I wouldn’t say no if Nu Skin decided to send me one 😀

For more information, please visit Nu Skin Website.


2 thoughts on “Nu Skin ageLOC Me – The Future of Skin Care? My Brutally Honest Point-of-View

  1. hahahahaha…. MLM…..
    I know them way too well…
    All their tactics are the same, and they will swear to the heavens that their products is the bestest, most unique, one in a million…
    In chinese, we call it — “A florist would sing praises that the flowers are fragrant” (卖花赞花香)

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