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One and Only Reason Why You Need to Ditch Your Body Lotion for Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert

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Back in February, I was sent on a 2 days 1 night trip to the beautiful Lexis Hibiscus Port Dickson by Clarins Malaysia for the media preview of the new Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert. You may want to read this if you missed out on the whole shenanigans. It was a media trip, with no other blogger spotted except for one. It was as if the trip was put together for me because first of all it is Clarins, my first skincare brand which is also the brand that got me started on beauty blogging, and then there was fitness. You know fitness is a part of my lifestyle besides beauty so this is just perfect. Plus I get to get away from the busy city for 2 days.

Clarins is known to improvised and reformulate their product and packaging every few years. The last revamp for Body Fit was in 2013 if I’m not mistaken. It was known as Body Lift back them. I remember I was handed a bottle at the end of White Plus Total Luminescent event and it was the bottle I have till today, before the NEW Body Fit.


What’s New?

Besides the name change from Body Lift Cellulite Control to Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert, it also has added benefit in terms of body slimming. All this is possible thanks to unprecedented discovery by the Clarins Research Team. They found three adipocytes that are responsible for fatty tissue expansion and skin sponginess. Therefore with the new discovery on hand, a new formula was also developed based on a new plant extract discovery – Quince Leaf Extract and this extract is actually capable of “coaching” adipocytes back into its normal level of activity. In another word, to calm them down!

Clarins Body Fit 2
Three adipocytes responsible for fatty tissue expansion and skin sponginess:

  1. Fat-Storing Adipocytes – transform from pre-adipocytes to fat-storing adipocytes. This cells are capable of storing lipids in massive amount and then multiplies. This is how circle of cellulite formed.
  2. Fat-Burning Adipocytes (new) – continually burning lipids so that the body gets the energy it need. In balanced conditions, calories consumed equals to calories burned. Fat-burning adipocytes are released immediately and it does not store lipids on long term.
  3. Fiber-Producing Adipocytes (new) – produces collagen fibers that are used in adipose tissue structure. In a normal conditions, fiber-producing adipocytes hardly exists. It produces only a minimal amount of fibers for adipose tissue structure and resistance.

However when the body has more calories than energy needs, Adipocytes will fall into bad habits.

  • Fat-Storing Adipocytes – multiply to store increasing amount of fat.
  • Fat-Burning Adipocytes – fat burning activity reduced, accumulate and thicken adipose tissue.
  • Fiber-Producing Adipocytes – fiber production around adipocytes increased which resulted to fatty mass becoming imprisoned hence harder to remove.


Previously, Body Lift (old version) focuses and target on cellulite. Now, the NEW Body Fit not only target existing cellulites and preventing future cellulites from forming, it has reinforced slimming action that is able to give its user a better shaped refined silhouette through the “lift” action. It firms, smoothes and enhances the skin appearance as well.

One thing that Clarins retain from the old version to the new is the pastel pink texture color and its minty scent. The bottle packaging from 2013 also remain unchanged, except for a brand new dual-color bottle design that resembles a women’s silhoutte. Pretty classy looking than the full on red bottle, isn’t it?

Clarins Body Fit 3
I cannot remember the application method for the previous version but I was told that even though cellulite only occurs on certain area of the body for example at the back of the thigh, Clarins recommend Body Fit to be applied from the calf up, together with its Self-Massage method. The hand pressure and muscle contraction method trap adipose tissue and boost circulation. Demo video included below.


One and only reason why you need to ditch your body lotion for Body Fit

I know some of you may be a little confuse as to when you should use Body Fit. If you are like me who cannot go on a day without body lotion, let me tell you what you should do. Replace your body lotion with Body Fit! I applied Body Fit day and night and even more before I do my workout. The minty sensation is so comfortable and relaxing that I find it calms me down during the workout.

Clarins Body Fit 4
On a typical day and night application, I applied Body Fit after shower. But I have to warn you something about applying after shower. Please, please please put on your underwear first before applying on the inner thigh. That is because it can get quite minty at your *you know where* if it get to that area. It happened to me all the time although I tried my best to avoid the mishap LOL. So the trick to this is to put on underwear first 😀 . Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 😛

Unlike body lotion, Body Fit has lightweight cream gel-like texture. It spread on so easily and absorbed in before you know it. It does not leave any sticky residue at all. Even after a sweaty workout, my skin is just like normal and the layer of Body Fit on the skin does not add on extra stickiness. Plus it helps to combat cellulite, it cools the skin, it shape the body contour and it smooth the skin. Isn’t that more than enough reason to replace it with body lotion? 😉

Clarins Body Fit 6


Clarins Body Fit Anti-Cellulite Contouring Expert is available at the following all Clarins counter and skin spa nationwide.

Price: RM250 / 200ml

Website and Online Store:

For more information, please visit Clarins Malaysia Facebook Page or Clarins Malaysia Instagram for more updates.


Disclaimer: Product was given to me at the media preview event. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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