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Skin Turn Red or Irritated? Skin Zen in Ten with REN Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask
Something interesting I learnt and agreed 100% at the media launch of REN Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask during a casual chat before the event was that most people think they have sensitive skin. Ask any of your friend what is their skin type and I bet you 9 out of 10 of them will said “sensitive skin”. In fact, ask all your friend. I find this fact to be so true because all my friends told me they had sensitive skin. That got me thinking; is there really so many people with sensitive skin??

The answer is NO. They have mistaken over-reacting skin as sensitive skin. When your skin turns red, it does not mean you have sensitive skin or your “sensitive skin” flares up. No. Skin turning red is pretty common especially when we live in such a hot and humid country. Over-reacting skin are caused by physical, environmental and lifestyle factors that can affect any skin from time to time. Untreated can lead to the actual skin sensitivity. But how do you tone down symptoms that resemble sensitive skin? Simple. With this 10-minutes REN Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask!

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask Nozzle
REN Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask is the first in cosmetics to use the original White Mushroom Extract™ besides REN’s blend of exclusive original ingredients complex. REN is also known as a clean skincare as it doesn’t contain all the bad ingredients that is known to harm the skin. Product that is as gentle as this is usually recommended to treat skin sensitivity. REN reduces all they key symptoms and that bring immediate comfort to the skin, except that this mask goes one step further. REN find that the skin’s send stress signals to the brain and so this stress cycle is broken. Instead of sending stress signal to the brain, the skin starts to repair and heal. In another word, Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask addresses the connection between the skin and the mind in sensitive skin menifestations.

Its main ingredient – White Mushroom Extract™ is used to de-stress the skin through the blocking irritation and pain messages to the brain. As a result, skin feels comfortable, well-being and relief! As if nothing happened 😀 . And other bio extracts ingredients in the mask are:

  • Bakers Yeast (Magnesium Carboxymenthy I Beta-Glucan – it is a yeast compound with potent antibacterial and antihistaminic effects on the skin to boost and balance skin immune system by strengthening and restoring skin barrier function. It also accelerate the skin regeneration ability after the stress.
  • Arnica Montana Flower – widely used by surgeons to reduce post-operative trauma, reduces irritation, inflammation, stinging, burning and also redness. Also benefit as a potent free radical scavenger.


The mask texture is kinda like souffle. It dispenses a rather solid looking product out from the nozzle but when lightly touch, it is actually soft like skin-like texture. It does not have any added synthetic fragrance added to it but it does have a faint scent to it. I was so glad this does not smells bad, in fact it smells pretty good! The scent is described as Roman Chamomile, that is warm, sweet and herbaceous that is relaxing and calming for the body and mind. I’m sure I could smell the herbaceous part but not the Chamomile. Well, everybody’s nose is different lol.

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask Texture
As you can see, the mask goes on slightly murky but immediately dissolved and turns clear. I like to apply a generous thick layer of this mask whenever I feel that my skin is turning red here and there. This mask is able to bring the redness down, in 10 minutes or so as claimed. It does bring the discomfort down, especially after a day spent outside under the sun. Personally I like to leave it on longer. Well, most of the time I forgotten about it because the scent is so soothing and the soft texture is unnoticeable on my face.

The pump and the attached nozzle cover is one of the feature I like the most on this Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask. This prevent the mask that are already on its way out harden. I never had any issue of dispensing harden mask out each time I used this. It is always fresh and soft mask that dispenses out.

Rinsing wise, it can take a bit of time as the mask is velvety soft and cream-gel like. I find that using a Muslin cloth helps A LOT. I found my new and unused Eve Lom Muslin cloth from my old beauty storage and I happily use it to remove this mask under running water. It does save so much time. Sometimes when I am too lazy to walk to the sink, I used this face mist method. It does leave a velvety soft skin after rinsing with water so make sure you rinse well especially if you apply a thick layer like me.

REN Evercalm Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask Bottle
Now, the biggest question is – does this mask suits only to sensitive skin? This mask suits ALL skin type, from sensitive to very dry skin. Product that are meant for sensitive skin are usually more mild and gentle hence the suitability for every other skin type. One could use this mask up to 3 times a week or whenever you need it for urgent fix. The trick is to GO GENEROUS with the application and leave it on for 10 minutes. I like to leave it on for 20 minutes 😛


REN Evercalm™ Ultra Comforting Rescue Mask is available at KENS Apothecary Suria KLCC, The Gardens Mall, Bangsar Village II and One Utama.

Price: RM179 / 50ml

For more information, please visit REN Website or KENS Apothecary Website and Online Store or KENS Apothecary Instagram.


Disclaimer: Product was a press gift from media launch event. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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