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Slender Legs and Extra Comfort with XIERRA Thermal Pants Fusion

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 1
I love the XIERRA Thermal Pants I own. It comes in my favourite purple color, it’s a capri which gives me the option when I don’t feel like wearing a long pants for workout. What’s not to like? But there is something missing. Something that I wish XIERRA would make too. Then, XIERRA launched the Thermal Pants Fusion and I felt that the missing piece was filled. Yeap! The missing piece for me is the Black color option. Not only XIERRA read my mind on the color Black, the new Thermal Pants Fusion is also an “upgrade” in so many ways. I’ll tell you why.

XIERRA Thermal Pants Fusion is a long pants. XIERRA’s first thermal pants is a capri so a long one like this would fill the void for people who wanted a long version instead. I, for one sometimes prefer a long pants. Sometimes 😛 . A new feature with the Thermal Pants Fusion is also the meaning behind the word “fusion”. This time, the long pants are made and incorporate two different type of material. The top until the knee top is made with the typical thermal pants material, which the remaining bottom is made with breathable spandex material for the extra comfort.

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 2
Now, I was amazed! I never seen such a combination thermal pants before and I certainly did not expect the pants I received is in such made. I think I know why. You see, the first XIERRA thermal pants are in capri length. In this long version, XIERRA kept the “capri” style eventhough it is a long pants. I like how there’s a separator in between two material and the separator is secured with a tight stitching. When I am on thermal pants while working out, I sweat buckets and these sweats will drip down the leg from the seam. With this “separator” so-called, it kinda trapped the sweat from dripping down to the spandex part. So I stay dry and comfortable!

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 3
The first time I had the Thermal Pants Fusion on was on Thursday, where I attended PFC Studio X Sanctband Active launch and postural exercise with resistive band workshop. Slipping into the pants was much more easier than I thought. And true enough, it was comfortable. I did not feel the immediate heat and hot compared to the previous pants, which I was happy about because I didn’t want to faint that soon lol.

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 4
During the workout, I looked around to find everyone looking normal. And I was sweating buckets. My friend was fascinated with how much I sweat the entire morning. I feel hot, as if there was no air-cond but not the discomfort hot that you get from other thermal pants that makes you want to rip the pants off immediately. On the outside, the pants stay dry but it was starting to slide downwards more that I have to pull the pants up all the time. This is a bit odd because I did put on weight lately and size S should fit my growing tummy 😀

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 5
Having to own several thermal pants at the moment, I can say that this is the most comfortable pants of all. It’s easy to wear, easy to take off, slender cutting with dual-material that do not add bulkiness to the overall look and I can move around seamlessly. There was no sweat dripping, which I was grateful for and it stays comfortable even after all the sweat. In fact I did not feel like I sweat at all until I used the washroom LOL. That is when I knew I do sweat. A LOT. Unknowingly haha!!

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 6

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 7
Let’s do a little comparison between the old Thermal Pants with the new Thermal Pants Fusion.

There is still a huge brand name stamped at the back of the pants, although smaller on the Fusion pants.

9Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 9
XIERRA size is bigger than any other thermal pants. I wore size S for the capri version and I heard this Thermal Pants Fusion has a different sizing but I find the waist band for both pants in size S to be similar. XIERRA fits me so much nicer and better and this Fusion pants did not disappoint. It fits me just as nice as the capri.

What I really like is that XIERRA did not use a different thread color. Phew! I like that it is black on black so it is seamless and gives my leg a better contour look. Compared to the capri, the lines are straighter that goes down on the side, which is good as it makes the leg looking less bulky and gives a slimmer definition. The capri one bends inwards.

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 10
Now, another new feature. Fusion pants comes with a gusset on the crouch to increase stretchability.

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 11
Lastly as mentioned earlier, there’s a separator in between two material and the separator is secured with a tight stitching to prevent the sweat from dripping down to the spandex part and to trap heat and produce more sweat. I like the idea but not liking the white stitching and the logo. Personally I am a minimalist. I prefer my clothes to be as plain as possible so this two things I don’t like is certainly out of my comfort zone and too revealing for me.

Xierra Thermal Pants Fusion 8


XIERRA Thermal Pants Fusion is available for purchase through Website ( or contact through Facebook ( /Whatsapp (010-847 2611)

Price: RM169. Currently on sale at RM149. Free shipping for whole Malaysia.

Please visit XIERRA Facebook page for more updates and for updated current promotion.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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