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Customize Your Home Mask Treatment with KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet and Have Fun Along the Way

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet
Some people find it odd that I am not a fan of sheet mask and love cream or wash off mask to death. That is because my masking time is always at night, when I am penning down a blog review. I find that sheet mask tend to slide down my face and pull my skin downward along the way, especially those that are heavily soaked with essence. Those are heavy! Now this, this KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet is my new found love. I love these to death. More than my wash off mask? Maybe. Probably. Well, who’s counting? 😀

I posted a short video on Instagram using KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet for the first time, probably one to two months ago and I did not expect it to gained so many views. If you missed it, go click on the link to view the video 🙂 . KOCOSTAR is a Korean brand and it is a new brand available at Sephora. KOCOSTAR offers all sorts of home treatment mask series ranging from hair to toe masks. You can read all about KOCOSTAR at this link as well 😉

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet 1
As the name says it all, KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet is a face mask but in a pieces form. Based on KOCOSTAR official website, there are two types – fruit slice mask aka Slice Mask Sheet and flower slice mask aka Flower Mask. The name are slightly different but it is still in pieces form. For Malaysia, you can get only 4 types of Slice Mask Sheet namely Cucumber, Watermelon, Tomato and Lemon.

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet 2
These masks are the coolest and most fun mask I have ever seen, used, repurchased again and again. What I like about these Slice Mask Sheet is that it comes in pieces and that gives me the freedom to customize my masking treatment with different type of mask on different area on my face. Each piece of mask is soaked with essence sufficiently and it does not wet my entire face or with essence dripping down the neck. Urrgghh! I hate that with normal sheet mask. Some people are OK with that but not me.

I am well aware that these type of mask may not be everyone’s cup of tea. A review I read on Sephora product review mentioned about not liking the fact that the mask does not cover the entire face. Well, of course you don’t! I thought that is pretty obvious? lol. Unless you use two packets then yes you do 😛 . If you like a soaking wet face, then you would not like this. If you are more specific in customization or you like to experiment and have fun with your beauty routine, you may like this mask. For me, I like to find pleasure in my beauty routine so these mask suits my preference. Why so serious, eh?

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet 3
The most common question when it comes to sheet mask is that, which side does to where? I think I mentioned this before somewhere but I thought I could share with you my thoughts. The side facing the protective film goes on the face. What if it’s upside down? It doesn’t matter if you accidentally placed the wrong side on the face. The God of sheet mask wouldn’t punish you for that 😛

When I was filming my video, everything was done so quickly that I did not see properly and so I only notice that I placed a few pieces upside down. It is only noticeable when the mask dries up. When it is fresh off the pack, it does not look any different. However I find that if you place the mask facing upward correctly, the pieces of mask will stay put on the face even when it dries up. If you placed it upside down like I did below, it curls up when it is ready to be taken off.

This is also another thing I like about KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet. When the mask has done whatever it needed to do, it just dries up and you can peel it off like that. This is THE ONLY mask I can tell you that no rinsing is required because there isn’t really any residue left on top of the skin. That is why I like these slice mask.

Kocostar Slice Mask Sheet 4
So, which mask to choose and which goes to where?

  • Lemon – helps to lighten and brighten skin tone for a more radiant skin.
  • Cucumber – helps to deliver high levels of Vitamin C and to maintain moisture level.
  • Tomato – helps to boost radiance while providing moisture to the skin.
  • Watermelon – helps to hydrate skin and to refresh the skin.

Basically, Cucumber, Tomato and Watermelon is pretty much the same in term of providing hydration to the skin, except that Tomato has more of a brightening effect. But if you have acne marks to tackle, the Lemon one is what I would recommend. Can you see all the Lemon slices along my jawline? Darn acne marks that’s why 😀

I thought some of you may be too lazy to click into my Instagram to watch the video so here it is. You are missing out A LOT if you are following my Instagram 😀 . All the shopping deals stories I posted, like the recent Kat Von D eyeshadow palette deal from Sephora? You snooze you lose 😛


KOCOSTAR Slice Mask Sheet is available at Sephora stores nationwide as well as Sephora online.

Price: RM18 per piece

For more information, please visit Kocostar Global Website


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me for review consideration. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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