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Clarins 5th Generation Multi-Active Skin Care Duo Target Non-Stop Skin Aging

Clarins Multi-Active Duo 2017
Anti-aging skincare has got to be my favourite topic, well besides brightening/whitening of course 😀 . If you’re in your 20s and you think “I’m too early to read all that”, think again. When you’re in your 20s, you should already be on the anti-aging bandwagon. You start young, you look even younger as you age. It’s proven. I’m not even kidding!

Ahhh Clarins. If you’ve been following me since day 1 you already know Clarins is how I started beauty blogging. I bought and used too much Clarins product that I started talking about it. It wasn’t long after I started using Clarins products that I was introduced to Multi-Active. At that point of time Multi-Active was my anti-aging skincare regimen. Within a blink of an eye, Clarins Multi-Active today is now on its 5th generation. Clarins has always been the brand that conduct a lot of research on how the skin work deep inside and what plant extract that are the best to target the issue. These days we talk about the millenial and it is all about stressful lifestyle that surrounded us. And Clarins Research team discovered that these stressful lifestyle actually affected the key cell responsible for youthful skin named the Fibroblast – a cell that ensure that our skin stays smooth and toned. The solution? An amazing Teasel plant extract combined with cutting-edge technology to visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines, to boost radiance overall and to promote youthful-looking skin.

Clarins-Multi-Active Teasel
Teasel plant


Clarins Laboratories also has a latest scientific advanced called the Cell Targeting System. What it does is that it has a high-tech encapsulation system and then it targets the devitalized fibroblast under attack thanks to ligands. The high-tech encapsulation system are only used exclusively in both Multi-Active Jour (day) and Nuit (night) range. This system placed Teasel Plant Extract, which was selected for its antioxidant and revitalizing properties and also its ability to act like an energizing battery at the heart of the skin.

To target fine lines, Multi-Active Jour and Nuit range are also infused with:

  • Myrothamnus (daytime innovation): A South African plant with water stress survival capacity during the dry season to help absorb harmful effects of daily stress.
  • Ginger Lily (night time innovation): To help compensate for harmful effects of late nights and interrupted sleep. It also has appearance of first lines corrective ability by stimulating the synthesis of collagen.

Clarins-Multi-Active Myrothamnus


NEW Multi-Active Jour [Day] (RM295 / 50ml)

According to Clarins, the appearance of fine lines in daytime are a skin response to daily stress. It happened because of an overproduction of CRH hormone that has damaging effects on the skin’s youthful qualities. This is where Myrothamnus extract came in. It has a capacity to minimize daily stress impact on the skin.

Clarins-Multi-Active Jour Emulsion and Cream
The Jour routine caters to two different product skin class – Multi-Active Jour Emulsion (tall bottle) for Normal to Combination and Multi-Active Jour Cream (jar) for Normal to Dry. Both works and function the same, just different texture. Emulsion is obviously lighter texture so if you prefer a lighter product, the Emulsion would be your best choice.

I, however like the Cream version 🙂

Clarins Multi-Active Jour Cream


NEW Multi-Active Nuit [Night] (RM310 / 50ml)

Clarins-Multi-Active Nuit Cream
At the back of my head I remember that the Multi-Active Nuit was already launched some time ago as the color, texture and scent are all the same. Then only I remembered the ingredients changed lol. So yes, these are new alright 😛

Different from day, the appearance of fine lines at night time are due to the skin fighting damages caused by stress by producing Melatonin, an antioxidant hormone. This regeneration process will be disrupted in the sleep cycle or reduced in the number of sleep hours. That is why sleeping early and sleeping well is important for the skin to regenerate itself. When this happens, lower amounts of hormone are secreted and damage linked to oxidation intensified. This is where Ginger Lily extract came in – to offset the lowering of antioxidant defences and to stimulate the collagen synthesis.

The Nuit range comes in two different product skin classes as well and both are in Cream form. The Multi-Active Nuit Cream for Normal to Combination is in a gel-cream texture, while the Multi-Active Nuit Cream Normal to Dry is in a cream texture.

Clarins Multi-Active Cream Texture
Whichever you choose, the product texture are light-weight and easily absorbed in


Multi-Active Treatment Essence (RM200 / 200ml)

Not new but thought I would mention it here since I missed the launch last year 😛 . Last year Clarins launched a bunch of treatment essence product, each for different range. The Multi-Active range also has its own treatment essence and it is the one below.

Clarins-Multi-Active Treatment Essence
And this is the whole Multi-Active skincare range!

Clarins-Multi-Active Range


Clarins Multi-Active Jour and Nuit is available at the following all Clarins counter and skin spa nationwide.

+ Multi-Active Jour Emulsion or Cream – RM295/50ml
+ Multi-Active Nuit Cream – RM310/50ml

Website and Online Store:

For more information, please visit Clarins Malaysia Website or Clarins Malaysia Facebook Page for more updates.


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