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D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR Takes My Breath Away, Eyelashes Fixer EX Knock My Socks Off

D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR
I don’t wear falsies that often, although I know I should be especially when I’m taking photos for all the #motd and #lotd look. I tried to. I really did. I have all the falsies at home but I couldn’t find the right falsie glue. I have been hunting for months for a glue only to find lots of crap and fakes of the known brand. It’s disappointing. Out of the sudden, a huge HUGE parcel arrived my doorstep about 2 months ago. I opened it up and screamed as I was doing my usual happy dance. You know me. I’m forever happy with beauty stuff sent my way 😛 . It’s like someone has been listening to my invisible frustration voice that they sent me a care package containing loads of eyeliners, eyelashes, eyelash glue and double eyelid glue! And it’s from a well-known Japanese brand, D.UP.

I thought I would dig into the eyeliners first among all the products in the parcel but nooooo. I had my eyes and my soul fixed on the D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR and D.UP Eyelashes Fixer EX. I took the risk with trying it on a full face of makeup for the first time for this review. No trial in advance, no nothing. It’s a either make it or break it lol. I was also snapping tons of photographs for two more products review so if I screw the look up, I’m doomed 😛

D.UP is a brand from a cosmetic company in Tokyo who specialized in yes you’ve guessed it, false eyelashes, eye makeup products and nail care and color products. The brand was brought into Malaysia by Teeni Enterprise, who is also the same exclusive brand distributor for Kocostar, Canmake, Palladio, Touch in Sol, Kailijumei, and many more.


Eyelashes Secret Line AIR (RM49.90 / 2 sets)

The Secret Line AIR is a collaboration between D.UP and Maikawa Ike. I have with me two styles – #930 Girly and #931 Cute. These eyelashe fibers are the thinnest at 0.05mm while others are 0.1mm, which looks like real lashes and it has an invisible band. And because each lashes are hand-knotted to the invisible band, you hardly can see the band itself. These are seriously the best false eyelashes I have seen and used.

D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR 930 1
Style #930 Girly gives a sweet look to the eyes as the middle lashes are longer than both ends. They are not overly long as I believe our eyes shape are similar to the Japanese so you don’t really need to trim a lot off. I like my falsie to sit comfortably without poking my eyes so I still trim a bit of the ends off regardless.

D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR 930 2
My favourite among the two styles is #931 Cute. This style which has longer outer end is what most people go after. It compliments most eye shape and is very flattering on anyone at all.

D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR 931 1
Because I have droopy outer corner eye shape, the outer end flare style lift my eyes up making them more awake. It is extremely comfortable, as if it is my own eyelashes and no one notice that I had falsies on whenever I put these on.

D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR 931 2


Eyelashes Fixer EX (RM39.90)

Now, this Eyelashes Fixer EX knock my socks off. I have tried even the famous Eylure eyelashes glue and it is not even close to this. I did not read the press release before using so I have no idea how super strong glue this is for false flashes. Then I found out this is the best glue in Japan. Oh my God!

D.UP Eyelashes Fixer EX
It comes in two variants – 552 Clear and 553 Black. 552 Clear goes on milky white but dries down to clear, blending away with the invisible band of the falsies. The funny thing was I have no idea it was that strong that I ‘misplaced’ my falsie on my real lashes and it was literally fixed to where I land the falsie. Not even near my lash line and it was hilarious! But because the glue dries down clear and Eyelashes Secret Line AIR in #931 has the best most natural band, no one even notice the mistake I make lol!!

One of the trick in applying falsies which I learnt from Chrisspy was to open your eyes, look straight into a mirror and place the falsies from top down. This way the falsies will perk up instead of droopy down.

D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR Application
This is how D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR in style #931 Cute applied with D.UP Eyelashes Fixer EX looked like on me.

D.UP Eyelashes Secret Line AIR 931 3


D.UP is available at selected Guardian stores nationwide and online at Guardian Malaysia Store.

+ Eyelashes Secret Line AIR – RM49.90 for 2 pairs
+ Eyelashes Fixer EX – RM39.90

For more information, please visit D.UP Malaysia Facebook or Guardian Malaysia.


Disclaimer: Product was sent to me as press sample. This doesn’t affect my judgement in the review in any way.


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