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Highly Anticipated H&M Beauty is Coming to Malaysia!

H&M Beauty Malaysia 1
You know what?

H&M Beauty is FINALLY coming to Malaysia this Fall 2017!

Last year I went to Singapore for Olay Regenerist Miracle Boost Youth Pre-Essence media launch and the one thing I have got to do is to check out the H&M Beauty over there. Paris B and I have been talking about going to our nearest H&M to take a look at this makeup line and we did! A few of us walked from our hotel St Regis all the way to Orchard to the largest H&M store (I think) lol. I can’t remember as it has been a year!

H&M Beauty covers a range of cosmetics, body and hair products. They do have EVERYTHING under the moon but what got us excited is none other than the makeup products. Of course. We are a beauty blogger. What else could get us all excited but makeup 😛 . It is said that there will be over 1,000 makeup, body and hair products within the range. Packaging remains the same signature base colours of ivory, black and gold. Previously H&M makeup brushes has its own space and now the beauty line will have a new space on its own in H&M stores. What about limited edition collections? Well, it will be launched from time to time too! Here’s what to expect from H&M Beauty Malaysia. Please take note that all the photos are taken under dim lighting so bear with me 😛

H&M Beauty Malaysia 2

H&M Beauty Malaysia 3

H&M Beauty Malaysia 4

H&M Beauty Malaysia 5

H&M Beauty Malaysia 6

H&M Beauty Malaysia 7

H&M Beauty Malaysia 8

H&M Beauty Malaysia 9

H&M Beauty Malaysia 10

H&M Beauty Malaysia 11

H&M Beauty Malaysia 12

H&M Beauty Malaysia 13

H&M Beauty Malaysia 14
Besides that, two subsidiary collections: a premium body care range, and the “Conscious” range of sustainable Eco Cert-approved products will also be launched within the range. So be on the lookout for H&M Beauty in all H&M stores towards the end of the year! I cannot wait. Hope the price is not too expensive 😉


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