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Understanding Color Blind and Dyslexia, including Treatment Available

Color Blind
Growing up, up until these days I get ask often – “do you wear any specs?”.  And every time someone ask me that, I am proud to answer “no, I’m not wearing any”. Not even contact lens? That is usually the question that follows. Nope. Not even contact lens. However a few years ago I started suffering from watery eyes and that issue which seems small to everyone else has taken a toll on me. Having to be out in the public, chatting with other people with sticky, crying eyes is not comfortable. Not when that melts my eye makeup off. So I started to take notice of my eyes more. Even more so now after mom went through lasik. Creepy procedure for me lol.

Most of us are concern about cataract and all the common issue but do you know that majority among us suffers from color blindness? It is pretty much self-explanatory. Color blindness, which is also known as color vision defect, is a disability to see color or differentiate colors. How do you know if you are color blind? Take this test below.

Color Blind Test
If you’re able to see the number inside the circle on the above diagram, you are NOT color blind.



A friend of ours, USJ Optometrist consists of a group of clinical optometrists that are well-recognized by many private and government hospital eye clinic. They started prescribing lenses for Color vision defect (commonly known as Colorblind) and Dyslexia (commonly known as Reading Difficulty) since back in 2011. They ONLY uses FDA approved therapeutic lens, which is 100% safe to be used and 100% effective to help the patient. In fact, many of the patients from private and government hospitals are sent to USJ Optometrist to get their prescription lenses.

USJ Optometrist
Color blind lenses are available in soft permanent contact lens and ophthalmic lens, which can be done either as a glasses or a clip-on, with or without prescription. Beat in mind that every patient has a different severity of color vision defect therefore it is recommended to get an eye check first before getting a suitable lenses.

Color Blind Lenses


Now what about Dyslexia?

Also known as reading disorder, this is commonly known as trouble in reading. Sufferers may notice they have this issue of not being able to spell words, reading quickly, writing and even “sounding out” words. Other problems such as word pronunciation when reading aloud and understanding what one reads. Dyslexia is caused by either genetic or environmental factor. Often seen in ADHD cases. Among one of the recommended treatment is by prescribing glasses, which is also available in clip-on form. Prescription are given based on after conducting a series of thorough questionnaire and eye test. This will ensure that the patient are properly diagnosed and managed by the wavelength specific lenses to help the patient to see clearly and comfortably.

Dyslexia Lenses
While some of us may not be so lucky to have perfect eye sight, anyhow we should always take care of the most precious gift of all and that is our eyes.


For more information, please call USJ Optometrist at 603-8011 9038 as well as to make an appointment as Color Blind and Dyslexia test would require about an hour to complete. They also specialized in Keratoconus, Prosthetic, Ocular Migraine, Myopia Control, Multifocal Toric, Paediatric, Aphakia, High Myopic, Semi hard lens / Rigid Gas Permeable (RGP) and bandage contact lens.

You may also walk-in to USJ Optometrist at the below address:
28, Jalan USJ 10/1E
Taipan, Subang Jaya
Business hours: Monday to Saturday – 11am to 9pm, Sunday and certain Public Holidays – 11am to 7pm

Alternatively, you may find USJ Optometrist on Facebook.


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